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((This is where you can do the actual Roleplaying))

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Emmit overlooked his herd. He spotted Willow and whinnied.

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Sunny was grazing.

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Emmit looked at Sunny and nickered.

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Sunny raised her head, her ears pricked. She whinnied back.

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Emmit nodded. He lowered his head to nibble at the grass.

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Sunny was getting restless.

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Emmit eyed Sunny and gave her a quetioning look.

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Sunny pawed the ground impatiently.

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Emmit trotted over to Sunny. He gave her a stern look.

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Sunny returned the look for a moment, then turned away.

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Emmit sighed. He looked around. The young stallion needed to get his extra energy out. Emmit broke into a lope. The lope slowly grew into a flat-out gallop.

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Sunny snorted, racing after him.

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Emmit bucked playfully. He raced around the field.

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Sunny reared up, whinnying.

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Emmit huffed but kept galloping.

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Sunny galloped after him.

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Emmit smiled. He sailed over a rotten log. He began to slow down waiting for Sunny.

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Sunny jumped over it, his hooves skimming the top of it.

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Once Sunny had caught up with him, Emmit suddenly spun around on his haunches. He cantered over the log once more.

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Sunny snorted, speeding after him.

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Emmit sighed. He dodged some rocks before returninhg to the field. Emmit broke back to a trot.

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Wonder looked at Emmit wondering what to do. Then finally raced after him.

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Emmit jumped sideways. He whinnied in suprise.

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Noticing the two stallions, she nickered to them.

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Sunny nickered back.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika slipped down the rocky face. she saw a small herd of horses and had been following them for days to learn how to survive from them.

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Emmit nickered back. He eyed Sunny wearily.

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Emmit had noticed a horse following them. He whinnied long and hard. He waited for a responce but got none.

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Willow trotted over to the horses.

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Sunny pranced away and started to graze again.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika paused.Was that horse talking to her?

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Emmit lowered his head to graze. But then he raised his head and whinnied again.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika finished her climb and cantered to Emmit.

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Sunny looked up at the new horse.

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Willow winnied. "Hello" she said.

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Sunny looked over at Willow, he pawed th ground.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika lowered her ears and extended her neck."Um..hello."

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Willow wandered over to Emmit and she nudged him. "Hi!" she said.

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Emmit nodded his head to Willow. Emmit extended his neck and reached his nuzzle to sniff Masika.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika took an involuntary step back."Sorry!I just...I'm not used to being around wild horses."

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Sunny snorted.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika looked at Sunny.

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Sunny looked away.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Masika stepped back."I don't want to intrude where I'm not wanted, I'm lost you see and I'd just as soon as be back with my person if I could."

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"Hi! I'm willow" she said to Masika.

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Sunny trotted closer to them.

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Willow started to graze.

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) Maskia bowed."Hello Willow, I am Masika."

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Willow lifted her head. "Hi." She said.

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