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Satan Is The New Cupid by Christy Leigh Stewart

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Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) Satan Is The New Cupid by Christy Leigh Stewart

If you aren't pregnant but hope to be, look at the moon. A full moon on Halloween means fertility in the coming year, maybe you can make use of that.

A child born on Halloween will be protected against evil and have second sight. If the father happens to be a vampire, double the good fortune, for the child will have a talent for sensing and slaying vampires.

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Urenna Sander | 29 comments The excerpt is too brief. but it makes you want to read more. This appears to be an interesting read.


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Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) Thanks

The way the book is formatted it was either a LONG excerpt or a short one. I know no one wants to sit with my posts for very long.

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K.L. Brady (karlab27) | 5 comments Okay, this definitely piques your interest. Looks like a fun read.

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