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message 1: by Jim, Keeper of the Pattern (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 975 comments The Illustrated Roger Zelazny Roger Zelazny (Baronet, Feb ’78, lp); Edited by Byron Preiss, stories shortened.

Illustrations - Gray Morrow
Introduction · Byron Preiss · in
Shadowjack - a short story before the book
An Amber Tapestry
A Rose for Ecclesiastes (Illustrated version - Heavy Metal Jan ’78)
The Furies
A Zelazny Tapestry - drawings of several books scenes.
Zelazny Speaks
Morrow Speaks - Gray Morrow
The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth
Rock Collector (adapted from “Collector’s Fever”)

message 2: by Jim, Keeper of the Pattern (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 975 comments does anyone else have this? The Shadowjack story is what really made it for me, although I loved the illustrated versions of the short stories, too. Very well done.

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