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love or hate lucas??

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Erin I understand that Lucas hates vampires and all that but I have to wonder Does he love Bianca? I have read a lot of vampire love-stories, and in all of them the couple is willing to do ANYTHING for each other. Also if there's one thing in common it's always that they want to be with each other forever. Even if it means becoming a vampire. But when Lucas thought of becoming a vampire he was appalled by the idea, he wouldn't do it for Bianca so I ask the Q does he love Bianca?

message 2: by Marya (new)

Marya Sure he does!! Maybe it's because he hunted down vampires ever since he could walk, or maybe because he was raised to think that vampires are 'bad' his whole life , and like, u can't just get over something u've been taught ur whole life that easily. I think he just needs time.

Alexandra Yea i agree with Marya. He was sent to the school in the first place to check up on the vamps then he falls in love with Bianca. when he finds out she's a vampire and drank his blood without him knowing he still accepts her and wants to be with her even after he has to leave the school! They have their ups and downs but he continues to be by her side, I think maybe once the last book comes around he may have changed his mind.

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Marya Or maybe Bianca would change her mind about being a vamp!!!!! I mean she still doesn't know wat she would become if she didn't kill a human and became a vamp. She would probably stay human!!!!!!!!! That'd be a new kind of story since in all vamp love stories the lovers always want to become vamps and live forever.

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Rebecca I think is Lucas is ok, but the fact that he's a Black Cross hunter is only putting Bianca in danger. But then again they come from such opposite sides of the spectrum they put each other at risk. Its obvious they are in love but hopefully next time Bianca will fall for someone a little safer like Balthazar.

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Denise In the second book it seemed like she is begining to fall for balthazr too, and she just doesn't know it yet.

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georjie I really hope Lucas and Bianca stay together. I feel sorry for Balthazr but I believe Lucas and Bianca are meant for each other. If only he would stop being so stupid and just let her turn him into a vampire

Erin Marya wrote: I think he just needs time."

I think that true love waits for no one!

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Marya it IS true love, I don't remeber if I wrote this or not, but ALL his life ((19-years??)) he was trianed 2 hunt vamps and now his true love turns out 2 be one??
It's just VERY hard, but think he still loves her, but he hates that she's a vamp, which I think he has 2 accept it wether he likes it or not (('cause its the truth))!!!!

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Lyssa The way I see it is, if Lucas loves Bianca as much as he says, he would become a vampire to be with her forever. Dissing her the way he did in Stargazer and making her feel how he did, no matter who or what the person you love is, you support what they are. Bianca does that for Lucas even though he kills her kind. They work together. Why can't Lucas become a vampire to be with Bianca? They can fight the horrible vamps together, be the same type of creature, and be together and in love forever. Lucas involving Bianca in the Black Cross and her basically joining? That's risking Bianca's life, and Lucas should fight against that. I really don't see what his motives are, but I think it's going to end up biting Bianca in the ass. She needs to be with Balthazar. Team Balthazar for life!

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Marya But why doesn't Bianca stay human 4 Lucas if SHE says she loves him so much??
Why is it that in every vamp lov story they have 2 end up as vamps and live a happy forever. Why don't they become human 4 a change?!?!?!?!?

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Abby Woods hate lucus, she should date balthazar

Te Paea Erin wrote: "I understand that Lucas hates vampires and all that but I have to wonder Does he love Bianca? I have read a lot of vampire love-stories, and in all of them the couple is willing to do ANYTHING for ..."

hmmm.....good question.... I AGREE

Alexandra I totally agree with Marya! i mean Balthazar is nice and sweet but in stargazer she tried to feel the same about him as she is with Lucas but HELLO! she didn't. He's just a really good friend who can be there for her when she needs him, even Lucas tried to understand that no matter how much it hurt him to see her with Balthazar! And also he can't just change straight away i mean his whole family - all that he's ever known is with black cross! not to mention his father was murdered by a vampire! It's very obvious that Lucas loves Bianca they just need to compromise for each other like in every kind of relationship.

Te Paea hmmm...good points there ALEXANDRA!
BUT! I understand that Lucas has been brought up with BLACK CROSS, so thats all he knows. But he is so disgusted at the thought of becoming a vampire as bianca wants him to be... So yeah i agree, somehow compromising needs to come into this. Also i agree, there is no spark for me with her and Balthazar, he is a nice guy and does care for her, but i didnt feel anything more...If it did, it would be becuase Lucas were out of her life... But what about bianca, isnt it that she would naturally become a vampire?

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Giselle i think that bianca has made the choice to stay human already.....she even said it in stargazer.....but i think charity or someone else is going to kill her and she is going to be dieing......then lucas comes and cant stand to watch her die so he gives her his blood ...remember that he is close to turning.....even though i was kind of hoping that this story would be different than other vampire series and not turn......i agree with Marya....why does he HAVE to change?????

Alexandra : ) yep I think in the end she will become a vampire because that's what she was born to be but in the mean time she will have a lot of thinking to do considering she's part wraith as well? That weirded me out when we found that out. lol

Te Paea oh you guys are good!
i cant even remember everything....
But what you guys are saying sounds good!

Camellle I love Lucas because he love Bianca and will do anything for her. He cares for her even though he is a vampire hunter and she is a vampire. Lucas will do any thing for her. I would unddderstand why Lucas wouldnt want to be turned but one day i pridict he is going to WANT TO BE TURNED

*Michelle* I agree with Alyx_sc

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georjie I love Lucas and I think he really belongs with Bianca but he really needs to become a vampire. I believe that if he truly loves her he will turn into a vampire so he can be with her forever. I think he really just needs time to adjust to the idea of being what he has been taught to hat his whole life, I fell sorry for him.

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I absolutely LOVE Lucas!

Tamara yup i love lucus:) he's the best!!

Donna LOVE Lucas!! Wait... who wouldn't?

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Danika Miller I have not read this book yet

Katrina Postor Te Paea wrote: "Erin wrote: "I understand that Lucas hates vampires and all that but I have to wonder Does he love Bianca? I have read a lot of vampire love-stories, and in all of them the couple is willing to do ..."

Erin wrote: "I understand that Lucas hates vampires and all that but I have to wonder Does he love Bianca? I have read a lot of vampire love-stories, and in all of them the couple is willing to do ANYTHING for ..."

i totally agree too. It's really a good question since most books that has this stacrossed lover thing really emphasized giving up "ANYTHING" so lucas' reaction was really something else. But i think he loves Bianca still. But just dont like her being a vamp

Gabby I don't like Lucas :/ Balthazar forever <3

but even then, i didn't LOVE him either...

Plushie Cerene More like obsessed... <3

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I think he does love her...but he's be told his whole life that vampiers are 'bad' and 'will kill you as soon as they see you'. So yeah I can see why he'd be hestadent about becoming one himslef. So I think he just needs some time to get used to the idea. But other than that and everything else you can tell he really loves her, seeing as he was willing to let her take HIS life just so that she'd be able to live and become a vampier.

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Brenna Prindivlle Yeah, I wondered if he really did love her as much as
She liked him. I like that Claudia did that, because most vampire stories are "I will love u forever" and we jus met and "I'll change to be with u!" so that little twist was interesting. I like Lucas as a character but "spoiler here"...
After Bianca becomes a wraith (which really kinda pissed me off and I wondered how there could be another book) but then after she dies, he wishes he'd just let her change him. So yea I think he loved her.

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