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Mary Campbell (lifeispoetry) | 1 comments Mod
Agnes Sanford Healing Light by Agnes Sanford

One of the reasons I find this book fascinating is that it was written in 1947, something of an anomaly in that New Thought activity was high in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and more recently since the 1970s.

Mrs. Sanford writes with great ability and cheerful conviction. There are passages, and entire chapters, that reveal Mrs. Sanford's theology and philosophy to be almost identical to those of Mary Baker Eddy. In THE HEALING LIGHT, however, there is a short but emphatic chapter in which Mrs. Sanford pointedly expresses her belief that metaphysical and medical intervention are equally important in healing dangerous conditions.

To be continued...

message 2: by PJ (new)

PJ Swanwick (pjswanwick) | 8 comments There's a lot of great nonfiction available about metaphysical/new age/new thought/mindfulness topics, but what about fiction? What are you all reading?

I really liked "The Art of Racing in the Rain," but its reincarnation/mindfulness subtheme is fairly muted. "The Celestine Prophecy" is a start, I suppose, except that it's not very well written.

What fiction are you reading that fills your soul?

message 3: by LoLo (new)

LoLo (loloinfinity) I was thinking about reading "The Celestine Prophecy" I seen it at my local used book store and stared at it for a while but didn't get it. I may pick it up later after I finish the other books on my reading list.

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PJ Swanwick (pjswanwick) | 8 comments Ielly, the Celestine Prophecy is interesting, but I didn't think it was a very well written novel. I would still recommend it, but I'd still like to find a really good author who writes in the genre of New Age Fiction.

If you like Celestine Prophesy, Redfield has three more in that series. I haven't read any of them. Has anyone on this thread read Redfield's other novels?

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Alma Poindexter | 1 comments I'm starting a new journey and I'm interested in 'New Thought. I have read a few books (very commercial) that peeked my interest but I'd love recommendations on books I can learn more from,I'm out of school for the summer so this is a good time to embrace my interests.

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Laure Reminick (LaureReminick) | 1 comments The Fifth Life of the Catwoman might be interesting for the group. The author's take on reincarnation is different from what I've gathered from years of reading. The writing, however, is lyrical. And the cat scenes are a riot.

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Kathleen Safchick | 2 comments I read the Celestine Prophesy years ago and back then it really had an affect on me spiritually. It lead me on a quest for more of that genre....and I discovered a series of books called The Books of Wisdom by Ruth Lee, Scribe. Can be found at www.LeeWay, as well as on Amazon.
She also has a series of adventure novels, that teach spiritual concepts, too. I love her work because she channels groups of entities from other dimensions in time and space. Fascinating.

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