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message 1: by Armina (new)

Armina Well, I thought we should talk about what happened in Blood Promise! Anything that comes to mind, and you feel like you want to comment on...
So I, personally, didn't like it as much as the first 3 books. Definitely a disappointment, for me. I thought the first half of the book was kinda boring and uneventful. It didn't capture my attention like the other books did. Earlier this summer, when I was in the middle of reading the first three VA books, I was traveling in a foreign country and instead of looking at cool things, I read because I could put Shadow Kiss (or the other two) down. But, it was way too easy to stop reading Shadow Kiss. I liked when Rose stays with the Belikovs but, she stayed there too long. And I already knew that Dimitri didn't die. The moment that Rose says that she didn't plunge the stake in accurately, I knew that he wasn't going to die. So the note from Dimitri didn't surprise me. One thing that did, though was Abe. I wasn't expecting him to be her father. And I was so sad Lissa and Christian never got back together, even in the end. So, that's pretty much the basics of what I thought...

message 2: by *Michelle* (new)

*Michelle* (silversecret16) | 656 comments cool.

message 3: by Uverzero (new)

Uverzero (WingedReaper) | 66 comments I cried a lot in the book sure it was a little boring but I still liked it. I can't wait for Spirit Bound I'm pretty sure Richelle won't kill Dimtiri off. Or atleast I hope

 Malisa - J&M's Book Diaries (rosannaseng) | 6 comments I got this book as soon as B&N opened on Tues. I've been so busy this wk. so I didn't get the chance to really sit down and read it right away. With that said, I am now on pg. 305 and the book itself has been predictable. IDK if you guys have read Richelle's other series, but she always seems to make you think the protagonist is going to live happily ever after & then something tragic happens. I guess this is why I love her as an author... she tease you throughout each book, and then leaves you torn till the next. I doubt it'll be happily ever after in her next book Spirit Bound. She still has 2 more books to finish in this series, and of course she will need something to write about.

I love Richelle and her writing style, but like Succubus Dreams... Blood promise is predictable and not as interesting as the first 3 books in the VA series. But Richelle never seems to dissapoint me... her next book in this series should be super good!

message 5: by Uverzero (new)

Uverzero (WingedReaper) | 66 comments Blood Promise does take alot of unexpected turns

message 6: by Athena (new)

Athena I hope it's better then ya'll are saying. Cause if it's not that's gonna really suck.

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments i liked Blood Promise.. sure it isnt as good as the other three, but its still a really good book
it started catching my interest when she was staying with his family
i really liked how she put in flashbacks that we havent read about, just to add that extra little bit of Dimitri
Abe being her father didnt surpirse me, i knew pretty much straight away, when he wanted her to go home and he wanted her away from there coz it wasnt safe and i knew that Abe is short for Ibrahim
i cried when she staked him, but then i was soooo happy when she got that letter.. but now he is coming for her, but i dont think he will kill her, he still loves her
i cannot wait for Spirit Bound to come out next year.. Rose WILL save Dimitri!

message 8: by *Michelle* (new)

*Michelle* (silversecret16) | 656 comments I think that Dimitri should die as a strigoi cause he brainwashed her and he is evil and cruel. But if they can change him back, and he is back to his regular self, then i want that to happen.

message 9: by Armina (new)

Armina yeah, i also loved how the author incorporated scenes from rose's memory that we havnt seen before. It helped me remember him and his personality before we actually see him as a strigoi.

but something im sad about is that its now really hard for me to remember him as he was before. now, all that comes to mind is his weird hateful strogoi personality. But it was even worse because i was expecting dimitri to be completely different, but you could still see some of his old personality there, so it was even more painful for rose.

message 10: by *Michelle* (new)

*Michelle* (silversecret16) | 656 comments yea, and more painful for me.

message 11: by Uverzero (new)

Uverzero (WingedReaper) | 66 comments I got so mad a Dimitri when he was mean and cruel to Rose and I was so relieved when Rose got that letter and I hugged my family and they thought I was crazy

message 12: by *Michelle* (new)

*Michelle* (silversecret16) | 656 comments hehe. wow.

message 13: by Uverzero (new)

Uverzero (WingedReaper) | 66 comments I shouted "Theres hope!!" I'm very excited for SB

message 14: by *Michelle* (new)

*Michelle* (silversecret16) | 656 comments me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 15: by Uverzero (new)

Uverzero (WingedReaper) | 66 comments I was happy then I was sad and I cried. I got bored and I got excited. I was Bi- Polar in this book..... XD

message 16: by Jesika (new)

Jesika  | 98 comments Uverzero wrote: "I shouted "Theres hope!!" I'm very excited for SB"

thats the EXACT thing i screamed when they first mentioned victors brother !!! :D

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments haha, me too!!
but it will definately come at a price.. coz its victor

message 18: by Armina (new)

Armina oh yeah definitely.
i wonder what victor will do once/if he is busted out of jail.....

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments i rekon he will make adrian and lissa combine their magic and heal him of his disease once and for all.. maybe
but what he wants wont be easy

message 20: by Xlattyx (new)

Xlattyx | 1 comments i agree the book wasn't as intresting as the first 3 but it was still amaxing. i couldn't believe dimitri , he was so cruel but yet i couldn't help loving him . i mean i dont think he'll be able to kill rose and he didn't even let her jump of the bridge , i felt sad for him there cause he just went to save her and she staked him . i would no way in thousand billion years be able to do that if i were rose . and i would really be dissapointed if richelle mead killed dimitri or rose for that matter , it would just seem as a waste to get go through all that and for what to lose all that you got . i would serious be heartbroken and would hate the series if dimitri died cause in would all be pointless . RICHELLE MEAD DIMITRI IS THE HEART OF THE BOOK " DO NOT KILL HIM" .

message 21: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 31, 2009 11:52PM) (new)

i found that it did drag in a bit, (i mean, it took me wed afternoon-sat morn to read when i read the other 3 all in 1 weekend) buti loved none-the-less, i cried a bit, but no i wasnt surprised when it turned out she didnt kill him. I cant WAIT for Spirit Bound.
I also LOVED Adrian in this book, at the end, everything he said i was like "awww"

message 22: by Armina (new)

Armina oh i have to agree. I LOVED adrian!!

message 23: by Uverzero (new)

Uverzero (WingedReaper) | 66 comments yeah it took me a while to finish BP more than the other books.

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments same, i think there was too much time without dimitri, coz then i just flew thru it
the start was kinda uneventful, but wen she got to his house it wasnt bad

message 25: by Tia (last edited Sep 06, 2009 08:23PM) (new)

Tia | 9 comments In the first ten chapters as u guys said it's kinda boring
I do love when Rose stays with Dimitri's family but it just took too long 2 get to point which was to find Dimitri and kill him
It's very predictable
i was freakin sad when rose saw Dimitri as a Strigoi

But I CAN NOT WAIT 4 Spirt Bound
Which is suppose 2 come May 18 2010

message 26: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) Sweetdhampir wrote: "In the first ten chapters as u guys said it's kinda boring
I do love when Rose stays with Dimitri's family but it just took too long 2 get to point which was to find Dimitri and kill him
It's very ..."

very true

message 27: by DemonKitty003 (new)

DemonKitty003 (vampireprincess) | 8 comments *raise hand* i know how to make snow angels!!! :)

message 28: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) oOh can i add my ten cents in lolz.....i agree with most of you that Blood Promise was a bit boring at the start!...yeh most bits were uneventful...but as I kept reading I pretty much was on the edge of my seat especiallly when Dimitri came into the picture...My heart skipped a beat seriously...It didn't surprise me that he still was alive but Rose did...because I thought she was going to die when she jumped...but then again that's just Meads way of teasing her readers...that bridge part was nerve racking...and I can't wait for Spirit Bound...and yay it comes out on my bday lolz
x0x0 Tiny

message 29: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) haha yeh thats some wishful thinking for me too...I hate that someone would have to die, in order to keep the story interesting, because there's two more books to write so yeah...I'd rather Mead killed Kirova off haha...but yeah I'm guessing that someone important is going to die soon...thats just MEad...ugh! it's killing me playing guessing games lolz

message 30: by Jesika (new)

Jesika  | 98 comments i know me too ! :(

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments i doubt she will kill kirova off, coz she isnt the principal anymore so she isnt important
i think if she dus kill sumone off it will be a character thats kinda frequent and that ppl like...

message 32: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) nah yeah I know Kirova wont die and I think she might take her place back as headmistress because it seemed like she was compelled by Avery to step down her role and willingly give it over to Mr Lazar...thats what I'm guessing that seemed too out of it for Kirova to just give her position up just like that...and yeah I'm going to kill someone if someone I like actually dies in the next book haha!!

message 33: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtney6) | 1 comments This book definately wasn't as good as the other ones but I still really loved it! I cried so much over this book though, harder than I think I've ever cried about anything from a book. I especially cried when Rose staked Dimitri the last time and he fell into the water. I couldn't believe that he was actually truely dead though. Then in the end when she got that letter from him saying that he was going to come for her, I got really hopeful again. I can't wait for Spirit Bound to come out! I really hope that Rose will find a way to make Dimitri be his old self again. I almost cried when he was talking about his family and that he was so much like him self right then. I really hope that Richelle Mead doesn't offically kill Dimitri off, that would be devistating!

message 34: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) i know what you mean I cried too haha...I actually called her a bitch when she staked him in the chest but then yay he didn't die and I got all hopeful too...I will be devastated too because Dimitri is a big part of this book and if he dies then I'm prolly gonna burn mah book haha...nah lol

message 35: by Pegah (new)

Pegah (nightowl) | 28 comments LOl, I also really can't wait for the next one Spirit bound, but I will be so mad if I she doesn't kill Adrian off like she did Mason:(,OK I really Love Dimitri but not enough for her to Kill off Adrian in the next two books (fingers crossed that doesn't happen):D

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments i dnt think she will kill adrian off.. i hope not, i love adrian! (tho not as much as dimka!) he is so funny and he is a necessary character
she better not kill dimitri off!!! i hope rose finds a way to save him quick fast!

message 37: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) No i don't think Adrian will die either in the next book, I have a feeling that Mead is going to make him a big part of that book...well I'm just judging by the title {Spirit Bound} it must have a lot to do with the fifth element 'Spirit'...

message 38: by Pegah (new)

Pegah (nightowl) | 28 comments Totally agreed, love Adrian and also have the same feeling that she will hopefully make Adrian a bigger part of the book (which is why worried she will make him a sacrificial character), and of course love Dimitri too much and would be even more annoyed if she kills him off for real.

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments no way will she kill off dimitri! not if she noes wats good for her lol
adrian already is a pretty big character, but he wont die.. i think he will play a big [art in saving dimitri, and dimitri may be bound to him thru spirit...?
but sumone is gonna die in SB, i wonder hu.. maybe jill, i dnt like her that much

message 40: by ஐAndreaஐ (new)

ஐAndreaஐ (rosesrrblue) | 51 comments I agree, I think Adrian will play a big part in saving Demitri. I really hope she doesn't kill of Adrian, I would be so sad. I really love him. Of course I love Demitri more, but I liked Adrian from Frostbite, he was so cute when he went off to go write his little essay, without even a sarcastic comment or anything. I can't wait for May!

message 41: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) Yeah I've got a feeling that Meads gonna make a love triangle with the three Adrian/Rose/Dimitri so yeah none of them are definately dying!! lolz {my hopes are high} so long live them three:P:P

message 42: by ஐAndreaஐ (new)

ஐAndreaஐ (rosesrrblue) | 51 comments I hope your right

message 43: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) ;) I hope I'm right too, and I'm gona have an awesome birthday because it's suppose to come out on mine:P so Mead better not ruin it lolz

message 44: by ஐAndreaஐ (new)

ஐAndreaஐ (rosesrrblue) | 51 comments Hey I hope you have an awesome birthday too!!

message 45: by Pegah (new)

Pegah (nightowl) | 28 comments Yeah I thought it was also really cute how Adrian ran off to write his essay without a fuss. Definetly a love triangle in the wind:). I wish we didn't have to wait so long!

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments no no no!! no love triangle, that wud be the worst!!
rose needs to belong to dimitri and to him only. once adrian relises that he cant hav her, he will back off coz he isnt pushy..

message 47: by Pegah (new)

Pegah (nightowl) | 28 comments Lol...agreed that it would be best if they can fix up Rose and Dimitri's situtation, But they really need to find someone nice for Adrian also, that we will approve of that is:D, really hated it when that girl was after him in blood promoise.

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 49 comments i noe, me too!! even tho he did deserve sumone that relli liked him, i relli hated Avery from the start and she wasnt good enuff for him.. i do hope Mead finds him sumone relli nice and that Rose dusnt get jealous.. coz he deserves to be happy after all the times she has shut him down

message 49: by Pegah (new)

Pegah (nightowl) | 28 comments exactly! guess we have no choice but to wait and see.

message 50: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) aww yeah I'm not really against the love triangle, although I strongly believe that RoseXDimitri are inseparable but it might add spice to the dilemma...although maybe Sydney might end up with Adrian, maybe that's why she introduced her character in there lolz yeah I better stop with my theories haha!!

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