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message 1: by Tatu (new)

Tatu (tatu_black) | 74 comments Mod
ok... this is the second teaser...

"I was mad as hell.
I had so many grievances, I didn't even know where to begin listing them.
I was pissed-off walking. Or rather pissed-off sitting, tangled in crimson silk sheets that smelled like somebody'd been having a Sexathon.
That would be me.
And that made me even madder..."

i always thought it was from mac´s pov what did you guys think??? i think the fact she missed out on a lot during the time she was "under the influence" (lol) helped on her being pissed at everything and everyone...

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura (highlandhussy) | 130 comments Mod
I like the warning! "keep out!" lol...I also thought it was from mac's pov, but I think she'd po'd at Barrons too!

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