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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (emoonae) | 225 comments The other day I bought the True Blood soundtrack, and while it has a lot of the great songs featured on the show, it doesn't include some of my personal favorites.

So, as I set out to make my own soundtrack supplement, I checked to see if anyone had put together a list of all the songs and artists featured on the show. To my delight, someone has!

On, they have a complete listing - at least, it looks pretty darn complete to me, of every song on every episode, minus the score. Some of them are annotated to describe where in the episode you hear it, and a lot of them have buttons that link to iTunes. Not all the buttons work, though. :-(

Still, it's a pretty good find!

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments I really couldn't stand the theme song for true blood for a long time now im obsessed with it, and I'm not usually into country music. I haven't checked out the soundtrack though.

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