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Hermoine walks past dracon and gives him a dirty look

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Jade walked along the grass in the sunlight thinking of her.

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Severus watches from the shadows.

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((sorry, he's one of my favorite characters tho))

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((o haha, ya my friend gets really mad at me like that, especially when she found out that i thought snape was awesome lolz))

Emma the Shadowhunter (emmalisastincelli) | 4 comments Luna walked along the grounds towards the castle.

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Severus wonders where Lily is.

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"Hey! Look its Snivelus!" says James to lupin, Sirius, and Peter.

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((sorry)) ((did that on accident))

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Rosabel walked to common room, past Draco Malfoy.

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((i know, but its cool to have the old ones too))

((its weird having te old and new so i'll delet the old ones))

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Rosabel spun around, annoyed. She raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Draco?" she asked.

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((uh...ms.madison malfoy?))

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Rosabel rolled her eyes and turned around, walking away.

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Rosabel walked into common room and practiced her spells.

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Rosabel rolled her eyes but smiled. She continued practicing her spells in the air.

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Rosabel looked away from the magic and smiled. "Sure" she said.

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Rosabel nodded and stood up, going to the library for her research report. She hated doing the reports, but had to.

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Rosabel looked at the time and got up. It was 9:30 and she had to meet Draco in common room at 10:00. She half-ran to the common room. She went up to the girl's dormitory and changed. She got back down before time and smiled at Draco.

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Rosabel stumbled into Draco and giggled. "Sorry about that" she said, steadying herself.

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((draco romantic??? ewwww...ugh! he's kinda hot in the 6th movie tho...*shrug*))

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((haha..personally, I find him hot period. LOLZ))

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Rosabel half smiled. "So, where's the party anyway" she asked, curious.

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((wow malfoy...good luck being romantic..))
Rosabel nodded. "Okay. We probably should get going, then" she said, looking at the clock.

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((he is hot)) ((so is harry potter tho)) ((but draco is hotter!))

Teddy saw Draco and Rosabel on their way out, he smirked.

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Rosabel followed Draco, a bit nervous. Draco never seemed like the dating type.

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Rosabel smiled slightly, walking out the door.

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((this is sooo weird!))

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((i feel awkward roleplaying rosabel..i mean, she likes draco, but never though the day would come that he would ask her out to something.))

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((o haha)

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((hehehheeee)) ((this is SO weird))

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((i do too....but i mean...it;s just so awkward!))
Rosabel smiled slightly at him before continuing to walk, following him.

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Rosabel rolled her eyes, nodding. She, herself, followed the Dark Lord, but never told anyone about it.

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((*huge gasp*))

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((haha LOLz))

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Rosabel sighed. "Yes, I'm a single lady. Gosh.." she said, turning around, walking back to common room.

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Rosabel got up to the girl's dormitory and sighed. Honestly...he should never date, he sucks at it. Guess there goes my chance of dating him at all

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Rosabel changed into her pajamas and walked down to common room.

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((what??? failed me??? but she follows the dark lord herself so how could draco trick her to help the dark lord???))

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((*sigh* JUST WAIT!))

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Rosabel laid on the couch, performing spells again in the air, ignoring Draco when he walked into common room.

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((well its not like the dark lord to care about the romance between his followers!:P

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)) ((sorry i forgot the parenthesis...:(...))

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Rosabel looked at Draco, seeing him glare and rolled her eyes. "It was your fault" she mumnled, still performing spells.

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Rosabel sighed and got up, changing. She was gonna go to the party whether Draco liked it or not. She wasn't going to miss the fun. She finished changing and ran after him out of the Slytherin common room.

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Rosabel rolled her eyes. "Hey, just because you messed up doesn't mean I can't go to a party with you" she joked, smiling at him.

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((what about DL???))

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Rosabel smirked. "Sure" she said, rolling her eyes. She walked ahead of him towards where the party was held.

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