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message 1: by D.B. (new)

D.B. Pacini (DBPacini) Goodread Members,

I posted in my Goodreads blog an open letter to Goodreads about censorship. Please read the letter, it addresses a problem that should concern all members of Goodreads. Please post on my blog that you want Goodreads to change polices about this. If enough of us make this request they may take it seriously.



message 2: by Victor (new)

Victor J. (victorjbanis) | 1 comments where would I find your blog? Is there a link that I'm not seeing?


message 3: by D.B. (new)

D.B. Pacini (DBPacini) Victor,

Please click on my profile and then click on my blog. This letter to Goodreads about censorship will be the first blog you see with a lot of response comments. I am trying to read the responses every few hours to stay on top of them. If you read the letter and the responses you'll fully understand what this is all about. Please take time to post your supportive comments so that Goodreads will see that we want this policy changed.

Thanks so much.


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