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The Bad News :( > Massive Round Up Still Planned for Cloud's Herd

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Dear Friends of Cloud’s Herd in the Pryor Mountains;

We are doing everything we can through political and legal avenues to save Cloud’s herd but BLM is set on putting helicopters in the air starting around September 1st. They plan to roundup all the horses and remove over 70, including older horses, mares and foals.

The BLM and the Department of Interior are not listening to the public. They appear to be disregarding even Dr. Gus Cothran, a noted equine geneticist, who told the BLM, again, that this unique Spanish herd must be managed at minimum levels of 150-200 to keep the herd viable. Read Dr. Cothran’s letter at

BLM’s plan to remove to 70 horses is unnecessary and unwise. This places more horses in danger- few good homes are available in the currently flooded horse market. Older horses are at risk of being bought by killer buyers and others may end up in government holding at risk of being killed by the BLM. Watch my YouTube piece on this issue by following the links on Some may even be put down after capture. This happened to horses during the recent Challis Herd round up and in the Sand Wash roundup last fall in October (view YouTube pieces by following the links on

Call and email President Obama and Vice President Biden and tell them that you do not want a misguided agency destroying Americas wild horses. 202-456-9000 or 202-456-1111 or write. Tell them to intervene on behalf of the Pryor Wild Horse Herd! The BLM appears to be on a rampage to manage wild horses to extinction.

We must stop this unnecessary roundup now. In the Challis round up in Idaho round up just last week six horses were killed, six foals were orphaned and the majority of the 400+ horses lost their freedom. All this destruction when the range looks the best it has in over 80 years according to local residents. Read more about the Challis herd round up here (

I’m pleased to share some good news! After more than a decade of legal battles and BLM’s efforts to zero out the West Douglas herd in western Colorado, a judge has ruled against the BLM and in favor of the horses (link to the story on our website). This ruling is due to the enormous efforts of attorney Valerie Stanley (The Cloud Foundation’s attorney) and the Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, especially Toni Moore and Barb Flores and others on the western slope, who have worked for years to save this small, historically significant herd.

Never give up. Keep calling and writing.
Thank you and happy trails,

Ginger Kathrens
Volunteer Executive Director
The Cloud Foundation

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Giger Kathrens is right! We can't give up!

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That's right. We've got to do something!

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We need to brodcast it!

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Everywhere! (That's going to be hard *gulp*)

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*Gulps* I'll write a story thingy about it and ask peeps to read... And I'll tell my friends.

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Good idea!

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Thx.... :C I still feel sad. What else can we do?

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What if ask Jessica Burkhart to help, e-mail her or something.

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Jessica Burkhart? Sure. We can ask other authors too!

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Yeah! Do you have Jessica's e-mail?

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Yeah! I'm sending one to her right now.

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Great! Tell me if she replies!!

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Kay, I finished. Hopefully she does. Now... What other authors would help?

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Oh! I know! We can send it to horse magazines like Young Rider!

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I don't know? Do you know any other e-mail addresses? Oh and, what did you say to her? (Just Curious!)

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Let's see...

Dear Ms. Burkhart,

Hi! My name is Hima, and I'm 10 years old. I'm a HUGE fan of your books, and I thought I would e-mail you about something important that maybe you could help us with.

There are about 12 wild horse herds that roam the Pryon Mountains of Montana, and the BLM director, Robert (Bob) Abbey, has arranged to capture and kill at least 70 horses, including elderly horses, and young foals. He also wants to kill off the herd of Cloud, the legendary palomino stallion, featured in three TV shows on PBS.

They'll be shipped to slaughterhouses and glue factories in Mexico and Canada, also around the USA. It would be totally awesome and nice if you signed:

And if you also told your friends to tell others about this. Hopefully we'll be able to stop this round-up.

The horses would be thankful and we horsey fans would too. :DDD


Hima Vedantham

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That's great!! Good job!

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Oops, i wrote pryon instead of pryor.

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Oh well!

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oh well! at least we did something.

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Should I send her one too? To get the point through?

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Yeah, and if you know any others, yeah.

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Oh, I g2g! I'll keep thinking of ways to help!

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Ok and thanks again!

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Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica Burkart is on Vacation!! She might not be able to read te e-mail in time! This is not good.!.!.! :(

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Maybe she can still help!! Even if they are rounded up, we could still maybe do something to set them free. The horses have a little while in pens. Then they get their imunzations and stuff like that.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Newspapers! I'll write to my town newspapers and articles to see if they can help out with all this! 4-H too!

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♥Pudding♥ (pudding) cool, i should do that

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Becca (shortstack252) | 8 comments That'd be cool!

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Ginger | 2 comments CRY CRY CRY!!
What else can we do!!!

Melody [not just some girl you can sway] (melo-chan) Honestly, there isn't really anything. The BLM will do background checks on whomever tries to adopt Cloud or his herd. It's just as much use getting upset over another herd they're going to round up. The only reason Cloud is getting so much attention is because someone did a documentary or two on his herd. Now it's time to focus our efforts on trying to help another herd or species.

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Ginger | 2 comments sigh.

Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) | 27 comments Melody wrote: "Honestly, there isn't really anything. The BLM will do background checks on whomever tries to adopt Cloud or his herd. It's just as much use getting upset over another herd they're going to round u..."

A little harsh! There's still hope!!

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