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Soumya rp here.

message 2: by Silver (new)

Silver Cecilia stretched and got up, wondering where Michael was.

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 120 comments Jade yawned and walked to the lake.

message 4: by Silver (new)

Silver After her shower, Cecilia got dressed and walked outside, not caring that her hair was soaking wet.

message 5: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Michael, who had woken up early, had gone to the sword fighting area and seen Isabel there. They were sword fighting one another.

message 6: by Silver (new)

Silver Adrian was watching.

message 7: by Swiftfire (last edited Sep 03, 2009 02:09PM) (new)

Swiftfire Isabel was glad that Michael and she were talking again. They had only been at it for ten minutes, and she was already ready for a break. She hadn't even noticed Adrian.

message 8: by Silver (new)

Silver ((Michael and she :) like when you pick up the and if someone asks for you you don't say "this is her" you say "this is she". If you want to be grammatically correct. Actually it might be she and Michael....))

Adrian was half watching and half reading a book. ((Do you remember Cecilia's sister's name? I think I might bring her in to this roleplay.))

message 9: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Um... like Eliana or something... I forgot... XD

And I edited! Heehee))

"B-break?" Isabel panted.
Michael grinned at her. "Does that mean you surrender?" he asked, swinging his sword at her again.
Isabel easily blocked. "Never!" she laughed.

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Silver ((It would be Elise.))

Adrian smiled slightly.

Cecilia was carrying Elise around, very aware of her sister's failing health. She saw them fighting and went to sit down, not realizing that she was sitting next to Adrian.

message 11: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Michael saw Cecilia walking in and waved at her, which gave Isabel enough time to hit him in the leg with the flat of her sword. Michael lost his balence in surprise and fell down.
"Oh!" Isabel said. "Are you alright?"
Michael rubbed the place were she had hit him and stood up. "Yeah, it's okay." They walked over to Adrian and Cecilia.

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Silver "Hi," said Cecilia, though she was mostly paying attention to Elise.

Adrian smiled at Isabel.

message 13: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Michael looked down at Elise. "Is... will she be okay?" he asked, worried.

Isabel recognized the little girl from... before.

message 14: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 120 comments Jade stepped into the lake.

message 15: by Silver (new)

Silver ((wow sorry... I like totally forgot about this rp lol))

Cecilia smiled at Elise, though her eyes showed fear. "Of course she'll be okay," she said, in a way that was not convincing. It was obvious that she didn't want to make Elise stressed out, but Elise would not be okay. Adrian looked down at the little girl with concern.

message 16: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Isabel bit her lip, wondering what was wrong with her.
Michael put a comforting arm around Cecilia.

message 17: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Hello?))

message 18: by Silver (new)

Silver ((sorry. I'm about to start school.... isn't it like 5:55 for you?))

Cecilia leaned her head on Michael's shoulder, biting her tongue.

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((I wanna kno how i should jump in..))

message 20: by Silver (new)

Silver ((Well... Elise is Cecilia's baby half sister. She's also a demigod. I guess she's a toddler, who doesn't really talk yet. But she's very sick and going to die soon, and Cecilia is heartbroken And Michael is her boyfriend.))

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((Kk.....))((Where are you guys??))((The Arena??))

message 22: by Silver (new)

Silver ((Yes. And I'm in my kitchen doing homework because I'm homeschooled.))

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((I'm home cuz i was sick yesterday and my mom is worried...))

message 24: by Silver (new)

Silver ((I'm sick too. But being homeschooled, that doesn't get me out of school :) I think I just have a cold. My mom was a little worried earlier but mostly about my little sister - she says that the flu is harder on little kids than teenagers, plus my sister was really sick when she was a baby (on her first birthday!! she didn't get to have a party.)...))

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((Ah... Never had the flu, but still...))


Eliza went into the Arena, planning on practicing, but she saw the others and went over to them. "Hey."

message 26: by Silver (new)

Silver ((I haven't had a flu in a really long time.... and I haven't thrown up since I was like 7 or so.))

"Hello," said Adrian. Cecilia didn't trust her voice.

message 27: by Silver (new)

Silver ((I'm moving to my room now...))

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"So, what's up?" She asked, looking at Elise.

message 29: by Silver (new)

Silver ((I'm in my room now. This weather is having a strange effect on me. I had the sudden desire to get out my Lee Middleton doll even though for the past year I've barely touched her.... she's one of the older ones that you can't find anymore. right after I got her we went to big boy and my dad was holding her while I went to the bathroom and someone came up and told him to hold the baby's head right, she looks so much like a real baby, lol.))

"Nothing much, I've just been reading this book and watching Isabel and Michael swordfight," said Adrian.

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Silver ((lol, this was her christmas picture two years ago. Sorry it's sideways. [image error] ))

message 31: by Silver (new)

Silver ((that dress and sweater was my sister's and I had a matching one. the hat is a build a bear hat, and the skirt in the background I outgrew years ago...))

message 32: by Silver (new)

Silver ((I meant, that dress (and sweater).))

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

((lol... I don't play with dolls....lolll))

Eliza felt at a loss of words...

message 34: by Silver (new)

Silver ((When I was little I really mostly liked stuffed animals, and then when I was a little older I liked dolls... I liked seeing how many I could fit on a stoller... my sister's the same way. How old are you?))

"What have you been up to?" asked Adrian.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

((11... Still like stuffed animals, but only have 1 or 2.... used to have about 30...))

"Ah nothing much.. Reading, archery, more reading... Typical day.." She said.

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Silver ((Oh no. no no no... I have a song from a barbie movie stuck in my head......... you see, I have three cousins and a sister who are in to barbie. I never liked it. I gave all my barbies to my cousin. (people would get them for me for christmas) ))

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((I remember when i was little and i USED to like barbies. My brother cut the head off of my flexible barbie and hung her by the legs off the top of the staircase. And flushed the head down the toilet, clogging it. And chewing the feet off of all my barbies..))

message 38: by Silver (new)

Silver ((cool. I have two friends who are almost 11.... can you guess my age?))
((No wait, make that 2 cousins. Hannah is in to spiderman.))

"Isabel and I did archery today, if you call it that when you don't use a bow," said Adrian, smiling slightly.

message 39: by Silver (new)

Silver ((lol!! I used to play with barbies, but I didn't like them, because there was this one who always ended up dying. And I had this stuffed animal who always ended up dying too. So finally I got rid of them. It was very sad, because my stuffed animal "Sheep" I think was married to the bunny... I'm not sure... I know Sheep is Baby Cat's boyfriend... I can't remember... it's been so long.... I made a family history tree of my stuffed animals once.))

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Eliza laughed.

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Silver Cecilia smiled slightly, temporarily forgetting Elise.

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((kk... i think i gtg, too.... moms gonna call and check on me, + i not supposed to be on the comp sooo....))

message 43: by Silver (new)

Silver ((I take notes on the computer, lol. I'm not making much progress on this book... I have to read it in one month, and evolution involves too much thought :p ))

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Silver ((And my mom just got home. Of course, my dad's been home all day...))

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Silver ((Anyway I'm going to delete everything that says how old I am now...))

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((oh.. kk, well, gtg..))

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 120 comments ((Anyone here???????))

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Swiftfire Isabel laughed. Michael smiled faintly.

((Whew! It's opposite day!))

message 49: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((*sigh* Hello?))

message 50: by Silver (new)

Silver (hi!))

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