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message 1: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
so, I've had mixed feelings about Fast Penta since I first read about it. I'm conflicted by the pros and cons I see in relation to the drug.... What is your reaction to it?

message 2: by Jumana (new)

Jumana | 32 comments I fully support it... it is an invasion of privacy, ofcourse, so its use needs to controlled by law. But it sure beats torture, which is the alternative. Pretty much my main thought through the whole waterboarding stuff happening was why don't they use truth drugs instead? i know we don't have anything as effective as fast penta, but we do have drugs

message 3: by vorbore, Ma Kosti's Apprentice (new)

vorbore | 284 comments Mod
Because most of the interviewers are not in the interviewing business for the truth, but for the sick thrill and feeling of power. There is a sentence somewhere in the Vorkosiverse books about the good side of fast penta - it removed the unwanted elements out of the law enforcement.

message 4: by Kiri (new)

Kiri (kirious) | 147 comments Mod
The positive aspect of Fast-Penta (that it eliminates the need for torture) has been mentioned repeatedly in the books. Still, it is a measure of Bujold's fine writing that the world of Barrayar is complicated and messy. The proper use of a tool like Fast-penta is an ethical matter.

Re: waterboarding; there is proof that torture does not get good information out of people. Yet I think there will always be people who feel it is the only way. Sad truth.

message 5: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
Kiri wrote: "The proper use of a tool like Fast-penta is an ethical matter."

Exactly! and who is qualified to be "ethical" and deal with "ethical" matters?

It seems like the best we can hope for is to "do the least harm"....

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