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Beach Boys vs Beatles... BEATLES ALL THE WAY!

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Love (#1 BEATLES FAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE) (Pauls1fan) | 206 comments The other day I was searching the web, and found out that the Rolling Stone magizine put out what they think was the top 500 songs. and not even one beatles song made it to the top 5! (they got a #8 as their highest) and THE BEACH BOYS GOT #6! WHAT THE HECK?? heres the link:
*grump* hmph!
At least they got #2 on the top 500 albums... (Sgt Pepper), but the beach boys got #3 and THEN came Revolver!... these people have bad pick...

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th@ sux.

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is th@ bettr?

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kkkkk. heyy, can u invite ppl ur not frnds w/ 2 join a group?

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like, not goodreads frnds.

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ooo. just wondrin. 1 of those things th@ nobody nos.

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ooo. 1 of those tings th@ nobody nos! ahhh, well.

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Well they did get like 9 out of 100... that's almost a 10% just for them, and 90% to every other band ever, but that's just the first 100.
Now they're at 13 out of 200...
16 from 300...
19 at 400...
Ok, they got 21 songs out of 500. That's not a lot, but I'm pretty sure they got more than some bands. What depresses me is that Queen wasn't on there a whole lot.

Love (#1 BEATLES FAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE) (Pauls1fan) | 206 comments :( thats too bad about queen :(

yh 21% isnt a ton...

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Not 21%, that would be fucking AMAZING if they had that many. They just have 21 songs.

Love (#1 BEATLES FAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE) (Pauls1fan) | 206 comments oh rit, I forgot that it was 500 songs not 100
my bad

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