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Has anyone seen this? If so, what did you think of it?

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Joann (joann_l) | 15 comments Saw it a few years ago. Good performances by both Kate Wislet as the young Iris and Judy Dench as Iris in her decline into Altzheimers. Jim Broadbent plays husband John Bayley. I guess the movie is at least partly based on the book he wrote after her death.

It is definitely worth watching. I suppose the flashback method is not my favorite kind of movie making, as I seem to have difficultly staying with the character and staying "in" the story, but just that's my complaint. I don't know if I gained anything or any insights from watching it. I was rather distressed at chaos in which she was portrayed living. I guess it is an example of being told more than I wanted to know. Sometimes we like to live with our illusions.

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I saw the film last night. I did think the flashbacks occurred a bit too frequently--to the point where they were distracting rather than engaging--though I do see why some back and forth was appropriate in a film about the severe memory loss that occurs with Alzheimer's. I agree, the performances were very good. There was something so touching in the way the two male actors portrayed John Bayley's love, admiration, even adoration for Iris.
I guess since this is Goodreads, not Netflix, I should mention that I just bought The Bell, The Sea, the Sea, and Under the Net, based on the groups' recommendations. My first experience reading Murdoch. For some reason, I'm so sure I will like her.

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Joann (joann_l) | 15 comments Kathleen, Yes, I think you will. Three good selection to start off with. I thought I had read just about all her work, but found I had missed The Black Prince. I am about 1/3 the way into it now and am throughly enjoying it.

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Ivana | 12 comments Elegance of the main protaganists while playing role with so ease are the best quality of the film.AS if they are not acting at all. I liked her inteligence , the ability to deal with words and her perfect skill to express such deep thoughts and put them on the paper.. Amazing.

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Geoff (wwwgoodreadscomchiltsy) | 4 comments Excellent acting. The film obviously concentrates more on Iris Murdoch's dementia, but the touching relationship between her and John Bayley and the declining power of a great writer is very powerful.

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