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I hate supervising people

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message 1: by Arminius (last edited Aug 28, 2009 05:53AM) (new)

Arminius It is Friday and I have one employee who scheduled off in advance, two called off sick, one called off with a dog death and one called off with car troubles.

Do you think Friday has anything to do with it?

message 2: by Rusty (new)

Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments Arminius, that sounds like a lot of the jobs I had in the past. I remember coming in on many a Friday only to discover that we were only half staff. It sucks to be one of the few around with a work ethic.

message 3: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments I find it happens more on Mondays around here. It's so weird how everyone is sick on Monday.

message 4: by Arminius (new)

Arminius Yep, Monday is another problem and is usually worse. On Tuesdays we almost always have full staff.

message 5: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments Hey, Teresa. When can I go home?

message 6: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments does that mean 2:30?

message 7: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) People suck and never seem to amaze me in the number of excuses they have. One guy left his warehouse job because he was arrested on some drug charge. He gets out and we give him his job back. Two days after coming back, he calls to say his parole officer is doing a home visit and he has to wait for them to show up.

Tell me, if you were a parole officer would you make sure that convicted felons were just hanging around their house all day waiting for you or would you prefer they were going to their job in order to become a productive member of society??

Funny thing is that the moron had no idea that his PO called me to talk about him and gave me her phone number to call in case I ever had any questions or concerns. scheduled home visit!

"Sorry, I got my days mixed up" You are an idiot!!

message 8: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) Another guy, was out on Mondays an excessive number of times. We had a talk about why he misses so many Mondays. We both knew it was because he was still hungover from the weekend. He says he will work on his attendance. Now, he can't make it in on Tuesdays!?!? WTF!?

message 9: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) Car broke down and my cell phone died. Couldn't call to let you know.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments I once locked myself in the bathroom and told my manager that I had explosive diarrhea and I couldn’t come to work…

message 11: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) I thought it was a holiday.

message 12: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) I had a guy take a "break" (besides the normal breaks and lunch break) everyday from a production job to go to the bathroom. These break got longer and longer until it started to become obvious the guy was killing time. I actually began timing his craps. One day after being locked in the bathroom for over 20 minutes. I knocked on the door to ask if he was ok. He was. When he came out (a good 5 minutes later)I again asked if everything was ok. He looked at me like I'm crazy and says everything is fine. I don't want to, but I feel the need to ask why he just spent nearly 30 minutes in the restroom. His answer, "Im a man! I take big dumps." Find a good response to that!

message 13: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) Should I continue? My place of employment is beginning to sound as bad as where Bunny lives. Although, no dead's a shame.

message 14: by Rusty (new)

Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments Now I'm angry, because I'm recalling when I supervised the delivery drivers at the bakery. I hated those s.o.b.s.

message 15: by Harry (new)

Harry  (harry_harry) PLEASE!! Do not get me started on truck drivers!!

message 16: by Arminius (new)

Arminius Four of my employees have recurring injuries which act up now and then.

I have one that said his wife turned off his alarm clock to get back at him for something and he slept straight through until 1200 noon.

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message 18: by David (new)

David Maybe you should move to somewhere like Williams County in Ohio, where we have had the highest unemployment rate in the state for many months now. And, still, currently. Most people are happy to work 89 consecutive days before employers save money on health care expenses and fire them.

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