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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) Women of Kasia’s erotica group: I’ve come here today looking for y’all advice… when I was young I used to enjoy reading erotic shit of the internet… it got a little out of control and I had to quit but now I feel like is time to come back to it… but I want something specific… I was wondering if there is such thing as an erotic comedy novel with spies on it… if there is please direct me to it so I can read it… pleaseeeeeee!

See kasia I didn’t scare anybody with that, And I was polite! I didn’t curse or asked for that book to have a love scene between a man and a goat or nothing like that!

message 2: by Kasia (new)

Kasia Alfonso!

A funny spy book with hot sex in it? I'm having a hard time coming up with a title for you... The stuff I read has usually a paranormal element to it and leans more towards action/adventure than comedy. But maybe I'll think of something.

message 3: by Kasia (new)

Kasia "See kasia I didn’t scare anybody with that, And I was polite! "

So proud of you! You're like our second guy. Everybody, meet Alfonso. Alfonso, everybody.

See? I can be friendly as well.

message 4: by Kasia (last edited Aug 28, 2009 04:49AM) (new)

Kasia Nope, still no ideas for a recommendation.

message 5: by Lori (new)

Lori  (moderatrixlori) How do you feel about M/M romance Alfonso? I can probably come up with something in that genre.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) 1. Fine, so maybe an erotic comedy with zombies is too much to ask… what about an erotic comedy?

Lori, i dont even know what M/M romance is... need i remind y'all that i'm a dude?

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) WAIT!!! Lori, is m/m dude on dude??? OH HELL NO!!! I ain’t reading no dude on dude! No way Jose! (no that there is anything wrong with it)

message 8: by Kasia (new)

Kasia Hehe!

message 9: by Kasia (new)

Kasia So zombies?

The best I can come up with is Brian Lumley: Necroscope, there are zombies, there's gore, some explicit sex (not a whole great deal, but it's all graphic) but it's horror, it's not funny.

I've recently finished another zombie book: The Forest of Hands and Teeth. The zombies in it kicked ass, but there was no sex, and the amount or drama (soap opera type of drama) was putting me off, so I wouldn't recommend that.

My personal favorite would be the Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. It features zombies, although to be honest zombies are not the main focus. First 6-8 books (which I loved) are plot and character driven, if I remember correctly there was no sex scene in the 1st book at all; after ~8th book sex starts to dominate and plot becomes secondary (it wasn't working for me and I gave up eventually, but if it's erotica you're looking for, go for it).

And then there's Generation Dead. I'm hearing some good things about it, but it's a ya book, so it's going to be PG-13.

Finally, Breathers sounds like a good, funny zombie flick, but then both you and I have it on our TBR.

message 10: by Kasia (new)

Kasia That's what I could come up with on zombies, but I have nada on spy erotica. I haven't read any...

message 11: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments I've read a few erotic books, but none of them are funny. sex really such a serious business? :)

message 12: by Kasia (last edited Aug 28, 2009 02:40PM) (new)

Kasia That's what I was thinking, sex and humor don't really go together. Jokes ruin the mood.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) Ha! Sex as a serious busyness.. For some reason I feel sorry for y’all, I do have a lot of fun while doing the nasty =P still apparently if I want an erotic comedy I’ma have to write it myself….

message 14: by Lori (new)

Lori  (moderatrixlori) Alfonso wrote: "WAIT!!! Lori, is m/m dude on dude??? OH HELL NO!!! I ain’t reading no dude on dude! No way Jose! (no that there is anything wrong with it)

Awww...too bad Alfonso. I would have figured you for a more adventurous guy then that! What gave it away anyway? My avatar maybe :)

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) Guahahah, yes it was indeed your avatar… then I did some minor research (googled) and I wish I didn’t… ew!! Eww!! I mean if 2 dudes what to got at it I ain’t care… but I ain’t reading about it, actually once I asked my main book picker to pick something manly for me and he gave freaking Fortress of Solitude, and there is a scene with 2 teenagers (dudes) where they get some action… and I almost freaking vomit! When the father of one of the kids came over and double cock blocked I was so relieve… still not that there is anything wrong with it… I just don’t want it inside my head!

2, I’m lowering my expectations even more… is there such thing as an erotic comedy?

message 16: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments LOL...Such a typical guy reaction to m/m books. My hubby had the same reaction when I mentioned that there are many women these days who are reading m/m romance.

I believe there is erotic comedy somewhere. If you don't mind reading unpublished writers, has a humor and satire collection. You might check that out.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) Booo! I want an specific title! One that is good! I thought that a group with over 400 readers of romance at least one will know about an erotic comedy… apparently I was wrong =( boooo! I wanna read an erotic comedy!!!!!!

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