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Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) This book came out about 7 or so years ago. It is a Historical Fiction book about the Captain of a trading ship who goes to Asia in the time when Asia was first becoming a market for Europeans, sometime in the 16th century. The main character, the captain, in the book was supposedly an actual historical figure. The only other thing that I know about the book is that the cover of the book had a picture of a ship at sea on it.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Wayne Baxter | 33 comments Well there is Monsoon by Wilbur Smith. But Thomas Courtney only settles in Africa. It is his son that helps settle the area, and then again its Africa not Asia.

Then there is Morgans run by Colleen McCullough. But The land mass was Australia and the main Character was a convict with a one way ticket from mother england to colonize the continent.

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) Thanks - I actually have read Morgan's Run, but this was definitely Asia, either China or Japan.

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) Just FYI - the book is not Shogun, but is about the actual historical person that Shogun was based on. There is a great nonfiction book about him, but this book was fiction.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 289 comments Samurai William: The Englishman Who Opened Japan?

I know it's non-fiction, but Worldcat doesn't list any fiction about Adams more recent than 1973 (in English anyway).

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could the one that Lyn is thinking about have been a re-issue? Wasn't that about the time that Shogun came out, so the publishers could have been taking advantage of the people wanting to read about the "real" guy??

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Lyn left the group. Moving to Abandoned.

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