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Native American Lore

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Malcolm I think many young people will identify with the Native American concepts in this novel even though, as you have said, the story is set long before American Indians as we now know them were here. Young people will, I believe, identify with a book about young people who are making their way through unknown lands on a quest.

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D.B. Pacini Malcolm,

When I first wrote the novel I gave the manuscript to a number of teens, many are in foster care. I can’t post their comments because they are in foster care, and because they are minors. I was deeply touched by what they shared and I am exceptionally excited about the YOUTH DREAM TEAM. Now that school has started I can contact more teachers and tell them about the project. Who knows, we may actually make the YOUTH DREAM TEAM international. That would be so cool!

Everyone, if you know teachers or young people who may have interest in the YOUTH DREAM TEAM, please have them visit this link:

Warm Regards,

D.B. Pacini

Malcolm That kind of feedback is a wonderful gift for a writer.


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D.B. Pacini I agree. The age group we write for, those people are the ones we hope to reach most.

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