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Looks like they will be springing Victor out of jail because that will be one of his conditions in helping them. Rose will have to gather an army of spirit users along with some dampires to hunt and restrain Dimitri while they weave there magic to save him. I think Dimitri's grandma will help to I think she's known all along what was going to happen. I also think it will take a lot of spirit save him and because of that I think someone will die in the proses of saving him.

Rose i know and with what Rose said that when he took the ring he lost some of the red in his eyes, that deffinitly has to do with some major spirit

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i totally agree with you guys i think that spirit might be able to heal him but im just not 100 % sure. I hope no one dies :( . I think rose will have to chose between adrian and dimitri :'( idk who though!!!!!!!!!! omfg

Kirsty thats good jess,
jess will that mean he will become shadow kissed?
will he turn into a moroi, dhampiar or human when hes saved?

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Jess I think he will turn back to dhampiar when he's saved. Unfortunately I think Adrian will die because his powers are so much weaker then Lisa's and that other shadow kissed couple in Russia. I think it will take all of them using there powers seeing that Victors brother went crazy because of it. So I don't know how that will pan out if they are all using there powers at the same time maybe a piece of him will be shadow kissed to all of them, maybe its different because he is storgi. It will take a little piece of them know matter what, I guess it's just a matter of how much of themselves there willing to lose.

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i agree with jess

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