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7 FL. OZ. beers

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message 1: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments my friend left these cute little tiny beers in my fridge and they suck. every time i look down it's gone and i have to go all the way upstairs again.

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) 7 ounces sounds like the perfect sized beer. To pour into a glass. With another 7 ounce beer. Or two, if it's a large enough glass. Unless, of course, it's a lousy beer.

message 3: by Harry (new)

Harry  (Harry_Harry) Sounds like they should be for use in some sort of drinking game...and only then. I feel like I might lose a 7 oz beer. What the...where did my little tiny beer go to?!

message 4: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments I did lose one! I found it this morning, though.

message 5: by Jini (new)

Jini Maybe it's some sort of bizarre exercise plan.

message 6: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments could be...

message 7: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Boisture What a waste of resources to even make a 7 oz. beer. No one who drinks beer is going to be satisfied with 7 paltry ounces.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments A few weeks a go I came in contact with these so called “beer bottles” it was horrible! I drank one in a single gulp! And I wasn’t even chugging or nothing! It was horrible!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

They sound kinda cute, though.

message 10: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Boisture It's good for the kids. Gets them slowly into alcohol. I'll give one to my son for his third birthday. By four, he'll be up to 14 ounces!

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

When I was a kid, it was Peach Schnapps that really helped.

message 12: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments For me, Creme de Menthe.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh gosh, that reminds me of this night when I was camping in middle school with my bf's family and her mom promised to make us each one grasshopper (with liquor) that night at the fire. We looked forward to it ALL day with rapturous delight, but then we went to these hot springs and found this guy who was so beat up we thought he was dead and it was in the woods and dark and when we were getting him help, he opened one eye and looked right at me! Aaaaaghhh!!!! Then these guys started yelling from in the woods and we thought it was the murderers coming back for us (but it was probably just naked hot springers) so we went back to the camp and straight to bed (and I had nightmares of being chased through the woods all night.)

I've still never had a grasshopper.

message 14: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments you're not missing much.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

When you're a kid, it sounds awesome.

message 16: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Boisture That's why I don't go camping. Fear of finding a dead body.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Gretchen wrote: "my friend left these cute little tiny beers in my fridge and they suck. every time i look down it's gone and i have to go all the way upstairs again."

You know I wish we could make these comments get to the person who invented those 7 OZ pathetic excuses for beers… imagine a bunch of chicks talking about your beer bottle… saying that is cute, but not satisfying… that they want more than what your little beer bottle can offer that then yearn for a thicker, longer more satisfying beer… I’ll fucking kill myself if I was the creator of that product!

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Ha! I agree. I was planning on buying me a keg this Friday… but now I have to work! Booo! But next week is keg week I’ma have my aunt hold me by my ankles while I drink upside down!

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