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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments Hi everyone. My book, "The Phantom's Redemption" is officially published. It will be out on Amazon and B&N soon. It fits this category because it takes place in the late 1800's early 1900's and is Christian themed.

message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments It is about Erik, the Phantom of the Opera of movie and play fame, who loses the only woman he ever loved at the end of the story. I take it from there and find him love and happiness. It has horses(Arabians) dogs ( a tiny terrier type mongrel) and Irish Wolfhounds, a lot of faith, redemption and devoted love between the main characters.
It takes place in France like the play and movie, end of 19th and early 20th century. Spans almost 50 years. If you have not seen the 2004 movie,"The Phantom of the Opera" I would suggest you rent it first and then read my book. It will give you more background about the Phantom, and is a fantastic movie.

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments ♠The 2004 movie is truly beautiful. No graphic sex, in fact the Phantom treats Christine with real gallantry, gentleness and love. There is a brief scene of Carlotta walking down the corridor with everyone around her singing, and on a balcony, a man moons her. i did not see it for the longest time. I don't pay any attention during the scene. It has no bearing on the story, in fact they may have done it to get a PG-13 rating, but if you catch it on Tv, they delete the mooning scene. The movie is so beautiful, poignant and sweet, with gentle love and sadness too, much like the play, only more stuff because of the screen element manages more things. I hate graphic sex and will not go to a movie that has it. This does not. Go, you will love it.

message 4: by Anne (last edited Aug 27, 2009 04:03PM) (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments The Phantom strangles the man who has been keeping him prisoner in the gypsy caravan. when you see it, you would do it too. Then he kills Buquet, who is a creep, stalker and has peepholes to watch the girls dress. he is truly gross and you understand the Phantom doing it. None of it is graphically done, there is a rope, but no awful sounds, etc. Now Piangi, whose place he takes on the stage, it shows him jumping on him and knocking him down so he can take his place. if you saw the play, Piangi is dead, but the movie leaves the question open to me, as Carlotta comes and finds him with the rope around his neck, but no one says he is definitely dead. So in my book, I have Piangi fainting and having a heart attack and living, in fact he loses weight because of it and becomes a better singer. But there is nothing gory or graphic. If you saw the play, nothing worse happens in the movie.

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Linore (linrose) | 10 comments OK, I just have to jump in here. The Phantom of the Opera--the movie from 2004--is one of the ALL TIME FAVORITE movies in my house. I have five kids, ranging in age from 6 to 21. Even my BOYS (teens) not only watch the movie, which we practically know by heart (though I've never once noticed that mooning scene! Don't know how I could miss that, or maybe I'm just forgetting??)But anyway, it is the most amazingly, beautiful, touching movie.. The violence is there, and it has to be, to satisfy the dramatic requirement of justice--the unhappy ending for the Phantom. But it is not long or drawn out; not gory, just unfortunate. But the beauty and presence of the main actors in this film more than compensate. One of my daughters was only around 8 when she first saw it, and immediately took on an e-mail using "operaghostfan" as her handle.

I even wrote a short story where I bring in the phantom as a theme, (not a character) and it worked really well. Anyway, the hauntingly beautiful music of Andrew Lloyd Webber combined with some excellent film-making makes this a classic no one should miss.

Hope this helps, and your book sounds really intriguing, Anne. God bless,

Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul

message 6: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 10 comments No problem, Kate, I totally understand. You know your likes and dislikes and you stick to them. Good for you. You sound like someone who would really enjoy my regency romance, Before the Season Ends. Sweet. Clean. Happy ending; and No violence!!
In case you're interested, here's the link to my website, where you can learn more about it. It's a really inexpensive escape from life, lol!

God bless,


message 7: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments I do go into the Phantom's background briefly in my book, so yes, if you saw the play, I am sure you can read my book and understand it. I can understand how you feel, as I feel the same about nudity, it disgusts me and ruins the beauty of love, which Hollywood is so good at these days. This is why "Phantom" was so beautiful to me. A pure, wonderful clean love. They only show the violence very briefly, no more so that what you would see on a football or hockey game, IMHO. The acting of the lead, Gerard Butler is so spectacular that you will fall in love with the Phantom. I have never been taken into a character's soul like I was this one. I am sorry you will not watch it. I understand as I have-WILL NOT WATCH movies and ACTORS too.

message 8: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments Hi Kate. The problem with so many people now is that they tell you that what other people does, let them do. In other words, don't fret, don't speak up, just sit in your own little world and let sin dominate. I do not feel this way. I have been honest about my Christianity on other sites, and why I won't watch some of Gerard Butler's movies because they are too graphic and have nudity. Phantom is tame to what he is doing now. Some of his fans(and I still think his performance in Phantom was Oscar worthy) can't understand how I can love him in Phantom but not want to watch all his other movies. But I cannot do like so many do, SAY "I am a Christian" but ignore Christian principles in my thinking and doing. it is like standing in a garage does not make you an automobile. Saying "I am a Christian does not make you one.

message 9: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 10 comments Ok, that's great, Kate! How about that? (And, thank you so much.)

And Anne, I like your sequel idea. I heard that Hollywood is doing a sequel to Phantom, but I don't know if that's just a rumor or not.

message 10: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments The sequel is true, but not Hollywood but ALW is doing a play entitled "Love Never Dies' based on "The Phantom of Manhattan" which has such bad book reviews, I won't read it. it makes Raoul a drunk, enconses the Phantom in Coney Island and has Christine coming there with Raoul and their suposed "Love Child" conceived in the lair. I will NEVER see it because it ruins the one thing I loved about the Phantom, he was a virgin and refused to hurt Christine in any way, even though he wanted her badly. he was intent on marrying her. He had that part of decency in him, and I hate seeing him made into a rapist or worse. I know, I am on my soapbox about this but many other Phantom Phans feel the same way about the sequel.

message 11: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments Kate-I just figured out how you can get the good parts from the movie without the two deaths. Here are some you tube sites that play the good parts and beautiful songs I hope this come up- This is the final scene and Gerard Butler's acting is so beautiful and sad. This will give you and idea of the beauty of the movie without the bad parts.
I hope this pleases you as I wanted you to see the beauty of this movie which is my favorite movie of all time to get an idea of the wonderful acting of Greard Butler. Too bad he isn't making more movies like this one-IMHO.

message 12: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments No, I'll go back and try again.
Heres one. it seems they like to copy the same one so I'll sebd each one separate.

message 13: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments
This is Music of the Night and now i know what I was doing wrong-LOL Think of Me Point of no Return My favorite which was not in the movie. I can't understand why they did not put it in. This shows the Phantom's sadness at being unloved.

message 14: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments One more. This one is so sad.
But one of my most favorite scenes.

message 15: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments Kate, please , I do not take offense. As one who always tries to be honest im my dealings, I am pleased you did not lie to me. My book is sweet, romantic and not violent at all, but if you did not like Erik and feel he was redeemable as I did, i can understand your feelings.
Thanks for your posts.

message 16: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments I so have to jump in on this interesting conversation. The Phantom is definitley not your type of character Kate! Although I own and love the movie and, have seen it in NY on broadway, I still can't see you enjoying it as much since you go towards the happy end. The Phantom is a difficult one to understand because he's not your typical leading romantic guy, but he's romantic in a brooding sort of way. If you can understand that. Gerard Butler played him perfectly, at least i think so. It's all about the music and the power of music. So, i think in that aspect, it can be hard to grasp for some. Plus, i tend to love movies, books that make you think and have different sorts of characters. Guess that's why I do so well in analyzing and finding symbolism in my lit classes in college and even in high school. :D

Anne, your book sounds interesting. I always wanted him and Christine to end up with each other for some odd reason, but knew it could never be. He deserves to find love! I'll have to check it out.

message 17: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 41 comments Hi Jennifer. I hope you check it out. I am glad you saw it the way I did. And to Kate, my mother was a wise woman and had a wonderful saying,"De Gustibus non es disputandum." It is a Latin phrase which means "Concetning taste there should be no arguement." In other words, we are a diverse and different people and should be able to like or dilike what we wish.
For instance: I detest hot peppers in any form. I cannot understand people who can boil their taste buds for no reason and it ruins the taste of the food. That is my opinion. I know the majority does not share it.

God bless you too.

message 18: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments Kate wrote: "Jennifer wrote: "I so have to jump in on this interesting conversation. The Phantom is definitley not your type of character Kate! Although I own and love the movie and, have seen it in NY on broad..."

Yep, we know you! Nothing wrong with different tastes. The world would be a boring place if we all were alike. That's why God made us all different and I love the dynamics!

message 19: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments Anne B. wrote: "Hi Jennifer. I hope you check it out. I am glad you saw it the way I did. And to Kate, my mother was a wise woman and had a wonderful saying,"De Gustibus non es disputandum." It is a Latin phrase w..."

Thanks, i will definitley be looking for it. I love the Phantom of the Opera. Broadway is amazing! I've always wanted to stand on one of their stages one day....too bad I'm not as good as the broadway actors/actresses!

message 20: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments ooo, i'll have to check it out!

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