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I'amber (xiamberx) | 376 comments Mod
About her new book, Rules of Attraction - The out coming book to Perfect Chemisty.

And heres what she had to say;


Thanks so much for your email, I love hearing feedback from readers! I’m glad you liked Perfect Chemistry and Leaving Paradise! I loved writing those stories and it means so much to me when readers say they loved them, too!

Rules of Attraction will be about Alex's brother Carlos. It'll have the same format of alternating perspectives between Carlos and another girl but Alex and Brittany will still be a big part of the story. I can't tell you much about what will happen but I'll definitely post any sequel updates on my website and on my fan discussion group so join it if you have a chance.

I'm so glad I made your favorite author list!! Thanks again for your email and for being a fan!

Simone Elkeles

So go to web, and email her telling her how much you love her books!

:D Shes one of my top five fav author, and if you havn't read any of her books, you really really need to.

Maybe, just MAYBE I'll be able to set up a chat thingy with her and you guys who are fans [: I said try because I'mma try this thing and well whole other story!

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I'amber (xiamberx) | 376 comments Mod
I think she gonna do it to where he's now in high skool, idk.

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