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((rolepaly herez!!))

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Dylan pranced nervously in the trailer.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool tossed her head in the pasture, standing in the corner far away from the other fillies.

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Dazz pranced around in the paddock, glad to be free of the humans. Although there was that one human that was nice..

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool turned her head to look back at Dazz, but she was too afraid to say anything.

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Dazz galloped in fright of the huge trailer.

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The trailer bumbed along on a dirt road for a little while longer before it came to a jolting stop. Dylan was slammed against the side. A new cut began to ooze blood.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool shied in pure fight of the trailer, all bumpy and loud.

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Dylan whinnied loudly to the other horses.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool watched the trailer for a second before she whinnied back. How could they trap him there?

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The trailer ramp was lowered. Dylan lept backwards. His rump smashed into the butt-bar. Someone slapped his rump. Dlyan squealed and jumped forward in suprise.
"Move up, you-" the man's gruff voice was quickly cut off when a girl bolted over to them.

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Rani ran after her. "Here, let us get him." She said. Dazz flicked her ears slowly, not sure whether this was good or bad.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool slowly walked up to the fence and watched it all.

"Need help, Rani?" Clara quickly walked up next to her.

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Dylan sighed, grateful for the distraction. The girl appeared in front of Dylan and untied his leadrope. Dylan backed up a few steps.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool carefully whinnied to Dylan.

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Dazz nickered loudly. "Who the heck is he?" She asked quietly.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool shrugged and kept watching with large blue eyes.

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Dazz trotted along the fence line.

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Once the bar was undone, Dlyan bolted backwards. He yanked the leadrope from the girls hands. He stumbled but quickly regained his balance.
Freedom!! At last! Dylan took off at a gallop and manuvered himself around he people. The leadrope was still dangling dangerously. He galloped towards the pasture fence. At the last minute, He lifted himself into the air, clearing the 5 1/2 foot fence effortlessly.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool shied again, cantering away nervously.

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Dazz whinnied and sidestepped. Rani sighed and went into the barn, looking for someone to help them.

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He landed softly on the other side and paused. He could not go any further for some reason. He pulled and pulled but he could not budge. Dylan crained his head around to look at the fence. He sighed. The leadrope was wrapped around one of the rails.

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Dylan heard the gruff man walking towards him. He tensed and whinnied for someone to help him. He began to fidget and pull. The heavy foot steps grew louder.

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Rani ran out of the barn. She sprinted up to where Dylan was stuck. "Here," She said to the man "Let me." She quickly unknoted the lead rope and led Dylan away from the fence, talking quietly to him.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool watched Dylan being led away, and she carefully and slowly followed, placing her steps down quietly.

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Dylan skittered sideways. Her shied and tossed his head.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool stopped and watched curiously. After a while, she nickered to him.

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The gruff man turned on his heel and returned to the trailer. He hoped in he truck. The engine roared to life. Dylan jumped. The trailer slowly pulled away.

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Rani led Dylan into the paddock. Dazz nickered at him.

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Dylan pulled against the leadline, trying to rech the other horses.

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Dylan nickered back to mare who nickered to him.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool watched the trailer drive away and then looked back at Dylan, nickering to him again.

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Dylan crained his head around and tried to see who was calling to him.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Sidestepping, Tidepool blinked and pricked her ears.

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Once Dylan was turned out, he trotted over to Tidepool.

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"It's only us." Dazz said, snaking her head out to pull the knot out that was in the line.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool stood with her legs apart to keep from sliding down the hill she was on and called to him again.

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Dylan nickered.

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Dazz whinnied to the horse.

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Dylan trooted over to Dazz. He extended his neck to sniff her.

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Dazz touched noses with him. "What's your name?" She asked.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool tried to follow Dylan, but the hill made her slide down to the bottom. She whinnied and stomped her hoof.

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Dazz turned to look at Tidepool. "You ok?" She called.

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"Dylan." he replied. Dylan glanced down at Tidepool. He trotted down to greet her.

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Dazz whinnied and cantered after him.

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 Araceli | 30 comments "Yeah. I think so. I'm Tidepool." she said softly as she climbed up the hill again. She snorted, shook her mane, and looked up at Dylan with enticing blue eyes.

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Dylan nudged Tidepool before extending hid muzzle.

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 Araceli | 30 comments Tidepool touched noses with him before she shivered and looked back. "Oh, no." she mumbled. Missy, a mare she didn't really like, was walking towards them.

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Dylan eyed Missy.

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((aww... Missy was the sweetest pony EVER at Quarry Ridge! :D Oh well.. You should make her really snobby.))

Dazz looked over to the source of Tidepool's shiver.

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