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((rp herez!!)

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Amy stepped outside Sugerfoot's stall. She sighed in frustraion.

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Rani walked down the barn aisle. "How's he doing?" She asked AMy, motioning to Sugarfoot.

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((Did you read Always There? It's #20))

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) ((hey can i jump in?))

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((Yeah, I think so. I'm pretty sure you don't have to ask to rp. :D))

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) ((shh i like being polite ;) ))

Raine drove her old mustang((car)) and pulled into the heartland driveway. she hoped out of her car and went straight for the barn, "Amy?"

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"Hey Raine." Rani smiled. The first horse she always worked with in the morning was Raja, her own gelding. She slipped into his stall nd gave him a quick brush-over, the tied him in the crossties and tacked him up.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) "Hey! You havent seen amy by chance have you?" she asked

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"She's right there." Rani pointed.

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Amy walked out of the feed room.
"I'm right here." She called knowingly. She walked over to Sugarfoot's stall and let hersellf in. The pony starred up at her with dull eyes.

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"Poor Sugarfoot." Rani said sadly. "But I know he's gonna get better." She led Raja into the arena and gave the black gelding a workout. Then she put him back into his stall and slipped into Dazz's stall.

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((Canterwood Crest?))

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Amy set down a feed bucket. She sprinkled some larch into his feed. Larch was suppose to relieve shock.
"Come on boy, I know you're hungry." she bribed. Sugarfoot turned his nose away from the bucket.

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Amy sighed and walked out of the stall. She grabbed a wheel barrow and a pitchfork and finished mucking her row of stalls.

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 Araceli | 30 comments "Phew." Clara closed Ramsy's stall and bolted the latch tightly. She peeked into Dazz'z stall. "Hey Rani."

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"Mhey." Rani smiled.

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 Araceli | 30 comments "Working with the pretty girl?" asked Clara, smooching to Dazz.

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Dazz pricked her ears dully and shied away. "Yeah," Rani laughed. 'She's being good for me. I think I might try join-up in a ew days so I can get to riding her." She said.

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 Araceli | 30 comments "That's good." said Clara, watching Dazz with a smile.

((Rp in the Heartland horse section?))

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((Sure. Do you wanna do something in the Horse Roleplay group?))

Dazz tossed her head up and down. At least she was better than what she was when they got her.

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 Araceli | 30 comments ((Yeah, okay!))

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Amy put the muck bucket at pitch fork away. She headed for the hayloft to fill the haynets. Once the hay nets were filled, she placed them inside the horses stalls. Most of the horses were out for the day. Amy walked over to Sugarfoots stall. The Minature gelding was fast asleep. But his food was still untouched.

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Her next project was Dazzle. The proud mustang stallion looked over his paddock fence. The minute he saw Amy, Dazzle squealed and galloped away.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) Raine walked out of the barn and saw amy. "hey, uh i was just wondering what you wanted me to do, if you had any chores before i left or anything?" Raine said smiling, hoping Amy did so she didnt have to leave and go home to her most likely drunken dad.

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"Um...If you could start grooming some of the perment residents of Heartland that would be great." Amy replied. She sighed and turned to face Dazzle.
"Or, you could help me with Dazzle." Amy added.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) 'I'll help with Dazzle if you want. I think smeone already groomed everyone." Raine commented

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"Okay." Amy replied. She walked over to the pasture gate and opened it enough so she could slip through. Amy motioned for Raine to follow. She crept silently to the middle of the pasture and waited. The stallion squealed again before continuing his mad gallop around the pasture. Amy's goal was to tire out the stallion and then keep him going. She hoped that her plan would work and lead to Dazzle accepting her.

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Dazzle galloped around the pasture for hours. White foam flecked his neck and flanks. Dazzle's head lowered slightly. His stride beagn to labor.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) Raine went along with Amy watching Dazzle

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Dazzle broke to a trot and lowered his head. Amy lunged towards him chasing him on. Dazzle flattened his ears but kept galloping.

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Rani watched too.

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Eventually, the stallion began to show the signs of join-up. Dazzle lowered his head and opened and cosed his mouth as if he was chewing. His ear flicked back and forth, conentrating on Amy. Amy let up and let him break to a trot.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) "Amazing.." Raine said under her breath

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Rani smiled. "You don't get tired of it."

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) "Never." raine said smiling back. ((canter wood?))

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) ((Oki! :) ))

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Amy turned her back to the stallion. She slumped her shoulders, making her look less agrresive. The stallion trotted around the pasture for another lap. Dazzle halted and turned to face Amy. Amy could hear the silent hoofbeats as he walked over to Amy. Amy could feel hot puffs of breath on her neck. Without turning to face Dazzle, she walked away. Dazzle followed close behind her. Amy smiled and turned to face Dazzle.

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Heather parked her truck and ran up to the barn. "Hey girl," she said to Jessie, giving her a peppermint. "Anybody home?" she called down the isle as she put her purse and cell phone down in the table in the feed room. She led Jessie up to the round pen and let her free. Jessie cantered away from her, bucking a few times. Before long, she dropped her ehad and started chewing. Heather turned her back to Jessie and heard the soft sound of hoofs coming toward her.

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Amy slowly exted her hand toward the stallion. She rubbed his muzzle before feeding him a carrot bit.

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Heather walked a few paces. Jessie followed. Soon, she had the mare walking over ground poles. Turning to Jessie, she rubbed her nose. "Good girl!" she said, giving the happy mare a carrot. Heather walked over to the fince and lifted the jumping saddle. Jessie walked behind HEather. Turning to the mare, she said, "Steady girl. That's a girl," as she lifted the saddle onto Jessie's back and buckled the girth.

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Dazzle accepted the carrot greatfully. Still a little heasitant, he rubbed his head against Amy's shoulder. Amy smiled and rubbed Dazzle's neck. When he was done, she slowly backed away and slipped out of the paddock. Dazzle followed and nickered as Amy disappeared uinto the barn.

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HEather brought out the lunge line and lunged JEssie over a few caveletties. Jessie went over them with no problem at a trot and Heather set up a small cross-rail. Jessie swerved to the left after starting to canter. HEather decided she would have to get on her.

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Amy walked down the barn isle towards Sugarfoot's stall. The little gelding was curcled up in the straw. His feed bucket still laid there. Amy sighed and kept walking. She arrived at the last stall and peaked inside. A gorgeous flea-bitten grey Arabian was inside.

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Zenyatta | 83 comments Callie walked down the gravel driveway towards Heartland. She slung her heavy book bag over shoulder and jogged the rest of the way to the stable. Drops of sweat formed on her forehead in the late summer heat. Callie walked to the staff locker room and sighed when she stepped into the air conditioned room. She walked over to her locker and slid her bag inside. She kicked off her yellow ballet flats and pulled on her riding pants and boots. Then Callie pulled her hair into a pony and stepped back outside. She walked towards her mare's stall and waved to Amy.

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Amy waved back. She turned from the Arabian mare to Callie.
"How was school?" She asked. Amy herself had graduated from high school early and now all her time was devoted to Heartland.

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