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This roleplay is from the peoples point of view. In this roleplay there are certain jobs. The peolpe are in charge of healing the horses. Here are the jobs.

Head Groom(2)(1): The head groom is in charge of all the grooms. He does regular stable chores and cares for the 3 horses he is responcible for training.(Responcible for retraining 3 horses at a time)>

Groom/Trainer(3)(2)(1 or there can be an endless amount): The groom does regular stable chores plus carring/retraining for 1-3 horse at a time.

Trainer(2)(1): The trainer only has to retrain 3 horses at a time. He/She does not need to do any stable work.

Groom(): The groom only does stable work/chores. They make special trips for the grooms or trainers. Does not retrain any horses.

(2)= The # of jobs avaliable

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Horses you Care for and their History:

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Name: Amy
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: stubborn, sweet, never gives up, brave strong, kind, loving
Job: Head Groom
Horses you Care for and their History:
Dazzle- A wild blueroan mustang stallion, plucked straight from the plains of Nevada. Amy's job is to gentle him and make him rideable for his owner. http://www.stable.com/images/ServiceP...
Sugarfoot- Minature Horse Gelding/ Sugarfoot's owner just died. He is dealing with depression and won't eat. Amy wants to rehome him http://www.minihorses.se/Jack%20sparr...
Issa: A neglected and abused light Flea-bitten Arabian mare, Issa has to learn to trust again.


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Apperance/Descrip:[image error]
Personality:Out-going,understanding,really good with horses,funny,easy-going
Horses you Care for and thier history:Simba-a chestnut colt that needed help with stable manners, Black Jack-a midnight black gelding, has trust issues

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Name: Rani
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, almost black dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tall, tan
Personality: Kind, caring, sweet, stubborn, calm
Job: Groom/Trainer
Horses you Care for: Dazz, a mare who was neglected at a glue factory, Prince, a gelding with attitude, and Starr, a loving pony with jumping issues.
Other: She has her own horse named Raja, a black Arab with lots of spirit and heart. He doesn't have any problems.

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Rachel (= (book-horse-girl101) Name: Raine
Age: 16
Apperance/Descrip: http://m102.photobucket.com/image/gir...
Personality: shy, sweet, caring, speaks her mind, honest, never gets angry easily, blushes easily, a little clumsy except around horses
Job: groom/trainer
Horses you Care for and their History: Titan - scared of trailers and trailering
Other: loves to play guitar and ride her horse, Jasmine(Jassy)

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 Araceli | 30 comments Name: Clara
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Apperance/Descrip: http://www.danielsone.com/portfolio/p...
Personality: Quiet, kind, gentle, patient, really soft-spoken
Job: Groom/Trainer
Horses you Care for and their History:
Hotshot: Wild Buckskin stallion that has been abused and mistreated. Trying to help him trust again.
Tidepool: Paint filly that is undergoing depression from being taken away from her mother too soon.
Ramsy: White head-shy stallion.
Other: None yet

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Hey guys! Just changed something. Groom/Trainers can take on 1-3 horses!

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 Araceli | 30 comments Cool! I'll change my job then.

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 Araceli | 30 comments :D

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KK, I did groom/trainer.

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Name: Heather
Description: long, blond hair, usually in braids or a ponytail. Fair skin, blue eyes, tall
Personality: loves horses, understanding and patient, loves to groom and meet new horses. Likes to hang out with all her friends. honest, trustworthy, hard working.
Job: Groom/Trainer
Horse you care for and their history:

little Dusty (Dusty)- 3year old, bay, Thoroughbred mare. afraid of brush fences after a colission with another horse during a cross country test.

Jessie - 9 year old, brown, Morgan, mare. anxious before and after jumping. used as a lesson horse.

Starfish (Star)- 6 year old, red roan, Mustang gelding. perfect manners under the saddle. 10year old owner can't handle him from the ground

Other: has been riding for 10 years, lives to ride English and jump

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Zenyatta | 83 comments Name: Callie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Apperance/Descrip: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_VlSEFDLcGnc... One to the left
Personality: Athletic, super-smart,insanely driven, bold, darring, charming
Job: Groom/Trainer
Horses you Care for and their History:

Princess- Callie's own horse, she is working with this mare to become a top eventer. http://www.equestrianarenas.co.uk/ima...

Dream- Dream is a chestnut Arabian mare with a lot of personality. This mare was a top halter horse. She was sent to Heartland for training in being a pleasure horse. http://images39.fotki.com/v1225/photo...

Other:Callie is only working on one horse right now, she'll take more on in the future.

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Horselover Name:Jenna Jackson
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Horses you Care for and their History: As of now, Jenna is training 2 horses.

Lady Lu- Lady Lu was found in an abandonned old shack with no food and a little dirty water. She was very gaunt when they found but now she is doing good!

Cloud 9- Jenna also found her with Lady Lu. She feels as though she can never seperate them.

Other: ---

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Are you done?

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:D Love it!

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Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Name: Natasha Everett

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Apperance/Descrip: http://www.thelighthouseevents.com/na...

Personality: Loves horses and draws them she sings very well and shes usually cheerful

Job: Groom/Trainer

Horses you Care for and their History: Dreamers Dance
She was found abused and mistreaten on a farm down in Texas and Natasha found her in a newspaper article.

Other: none

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Great! I think your link is broken though. Can you post it again?

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Steffany Tidwell
Age: 18
Gender: F
Apperance/Descrip: A picture of her and Chance

Personality: Willing, Determined, Hopefull, Tricky, Smart
Job: Trainer
Horses you Care for and their History:

(the horse in the picture above)
Chance was abandoned by his family and was given to a blacksmith. The blacksmith grew tired of him and was about to donate him to the glue factory, when Heartland came in his our of need and adopted him. He is almost cured and will let noone else ride him except Steff. He was forced to hard labor by the black smith. He will end up being Steffany's horse. He is about 10 years old.

[image error]
This feisty young filly just can't settle down. She is about 5 years old and very energetic. Steff had a hard time getting her to calm down for the picture. She loves being ridden. Hope's problem is that she is to rambuctious. Steff is in charge of calming her down.

[image error]
Faith was given to Heartland because she was to shy and skiddish around rodeo riders. She was imported all the way from england for a horse show in California. She turned out to be skiddish and a handfull to keep up with. Steff was put in charge of calming her down and getting her used to riding again. Faith is about 7 years old.

Other: She has been riding since she was 10...

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:D Nice!!

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Thanks!

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Swizzle101 | 1 comments Can I roleplay as Ty Borden?

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 8 comments hey i know i am not talking about the heartland books i just asking if anyone has read the canterwood crest books

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