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Just started 7th Heaven

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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly | 3 comments I am an avid JP fan and have read most of his books. Recently I've gotten a little behind. When I realized the 8th one was coming out, I figured it was time to grab this one from the library. I waited to look to read something in this series and have struggled a tiny bit remembering what happened in the last one. But it's coming back to me as I get started.
Nothing exciting to share in this post...just rambling, really :) I just recently started participating in the book clubs here at goodreads. Pretty cool.

message 2: by Brittiany (new)

Brittiany | 5 comments I'm new the whole Book Club/Group thing, too, but a big JP fan...

I've read the whole Murder Club series. I read them all in a hurry last year and then when I read "The 8th Confession" (which has been out a little while now) I had the same problem, remembering the little details, but it still fell into place.


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