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*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) 1) Cussing is allowed as long it doesnt get too carried away.
2) Do this: ((blah blah blah)) when you're talking in the roleplay topic.
3) Please please PLEASE type with good convention. It's a pain to read something full of mistakes.
4) Kissing is ohkay, just dont go overboard.
5) No killing any of the characters unless you have permission from one of the Mods.
6) Gory scenes are ohkay, but please dont get into details. Some of us are a little......

Cannot think of any rules so far, but please post here for any suggestions.

Zoë the Awesome (malfoy_luver) 2)use double peretheses (()) when u aren't actually roleplaying under the roleplay topic (so i dont get confuzzled)
3) What about charries? should we allow pics or not? and how many?

message 3: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) um...ohkay

Zoë the Awesome (malfoy_luver) so what should we do 4 charries? like, how many can u have, and can u use pics for the description?

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*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) idk

Zoë the Awesome (malfoy_luver) watev...

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*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) lol

message 8: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) to anyone who hasnt checked, rules are updated

Zoë the Awesome (malfoy_luver) Nice

message 10: by Zoë the Awesome (new)

Zoë the Awesome (malfoy_luver) goriness ahoy!!! jk...kinda

message 11: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) lol

message 12: by Zoë the Awesome (new)

Zoë the Awesome (malfoy_luver) XD

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