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Ok lets start dusscussing about the NOTEBOOK!!!

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Leslie | 42 comments Okay well who liked the book?...


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Madison Foss | 10 comments I DID!

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Leslie | 42 comments What did you like about it?... {for all girls}
And if you didn't like it why not?...
Share what you rated it, your favorite parts, your least favorite, and would you recommend it?


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Leslie (hotbookluverchic) | 17 comments Mod
omg i loved it and yess!!!!!!!!

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Leslie | 42 comments Okay well I'll start...
I rated the book 5 stars because it was filled with emotion, it was heart warming, and it was at times humourous. My favorite part was when Allie realized that Noah was her true love. I didn't raelly like the way the book ended I think that a better ending would have been if Allie would have remembered him and they would go for a stroll and then they would die together. I would deffently recommend this book it was really good.


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wow nobodys been on 4 a long time

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Leslie | 42 comments yeaa i know we should start reading another book.


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