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Can a Christian find truth in the wisdom of Yoga?

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message 1: by Gabriele (new)

Gabriele I have been doing yoga for six years in my middle years. I started, as many do, for the physical effects it offers to my body. Early on I discovered that my mind and body were unconnected. That dicovery led to understanding how the physical practice taught principles which I used in my mind. Since I am a Christian I wondered if I could integrate the yoga wisdom with the teaching of Jesus Christ. As I am reading this book I am finding much evidence to the affirmative. What are your thoughts?

message 2: by Anna-karin (new)

Anna-karin Absolutely! I have found so many connections between yoga and Christianity -- I am a Christian too, and I find yoga to definitely increase my connection to God in many ways -- which actually is what the word "yoga" means: union with the divine. What could be better, right?

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