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Ralph Gallagher | 53 comments See, I would be a lot more likely to check out this book, if your only two posts in this group weren't advertisements. If you were an established member here, I'd probably give your book a chance, but the way you're posting it, you seem like a spammer. Not trying to be rude or anything, but maybe you should get to know people in the groups before you post advertizements.

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Bria Teragram (bria_teragram) | 5 comments I'd also recommend lowering the price of your book. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not about to pay nearly $20 for a novella. Especially considering you give away the ending of the book in the product description. ;)

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Ralph Gallagher | 53 comments Yeah, $20 for a self-published novella, I'll pass.

Also, when did Twitter/Myspace/Facebook become a replacement for having an actual website? If you were really serious about advertising your book, you'd make an actual website for it, not just spam every Goodreads group with the link to your Myspace and Amazon page.

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