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message 1: by Wyndee (new)

Wyndee (shrapnelsfiredalwaysfallback) | 14 comments Mod
anyone reads howls mmoving castle and house of many way ?

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message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily yes i love both of them!!! castle in the air was OK, not really about Sophie and Howl, but still a good book. House of many ways was the same- had Howl and Sophie in the end but most of the book was about a different person. Did anyone read Fire and Hemlock? One of her earlier books and kind of weird- not my favorite. I also really like the Dark Lord of Derkholm and the Year of the Griffin! They were pretty incredible!

message 4: by Wyndee (new)

Wyndee (shrapnelsfiredalwaysfallback) | 14 comments Mod
ya ive read howls and house of many ways great i love them both i love how house of many ways included howl and sophie and the ending >< <3
i havent read the others tho yet :(

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