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message 1: by Dante (new)

Dante (danteb1) | 2 comments Ugh. We read this once in my now-defunct book group; how such a short novella could be such an interminable slog would be considered a miracle, except the term "miracle" should be reserved only for things which are GOOD. "Curse" would be a better word to describe having to read this. Granted, it was the basis for a great film ("Apocalypse Now"), but as a piece of literature, I'd advise to avoid this book at all costs.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I absolutely hated it! I did not understand why it is so esteemed or what people found entertaining about it. And I am not very picky about books in general. I am just glad that it is pretty short, although it felt LONG.

message 3: by Reid (new)

Reid Winslow | 23 comments The horror , the horror! :)

message 4: by Dante (new)

Dante (danteb1) | 2 comments George wrote: "The horror , the horror! :)"

Great, great comment George! You nailed it! :-)

message 5: by John (new)

John Conolley (john_conolley) | 56 comments I liked it. The only Conrad I ever cared for. Lord Jim stank up the place. Couldn't even read Nostromo. I forget what else I've tried.

message 6: by Marilynn (new)

Marilynn (marilynnv) | 13 comments Anna wrote: "I loved Heart of Darkness when we read it in high school. I still have that same battered copy and re-read it every couple years. But I agree with John here. It's the only Conrad I could ever get i..."
Yes, I agree. Maybe it was because the professor was so good; but I totally loved that story.

message 7: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charlieperry) | 1 comments I have issues with Conrad. He's something of a holy cow in English literature and unjustifiably so in my opininon. I love challenging writers but at times I think he just goes too far. I find a lot of his writing is littered with non sequiturs so that I find myself constantly going back to re-read the previous sentence or paragraph.

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