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Cool New Covers and Giveaway!

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message 1: by Piewacket (new)

Piewacket (cuechick) | 7 comments I just posted my review of these cool new Kindle 2 covers by JAVOedge I was given to test out for my blog. I am also giving one away... easy to enter, just make a comment on the post on my blog!

message 2: by JR (new)

JR Johnson | 5 comments Is anybody using a Kindle 2 cover that the absolutely love? And how do you use it? Are you reading with it a lot or just a bit? Do you use it mostly in transport or when away from home?

I'm interested in buying one as a gift but would like some real world feedback.

message 3: by Piewacket (new)

Piewacket (cuechick) | 7 comments Hi,
I do use a cover at all times. Not just because I like reading with it but because it is needed protection. The Kindle can easily be damaged if you drop it or having it floating around a purse or brief case without protection.

A side from the covers I reviewed above, I also have an Oberon and M-edge "Go" and like both, though of the two, I prefer the lighter "Go". I also had a pricy Cole Haan Cover, but returned it. It was nice but had some issues which I think they have since corrected. My favorite right now is the JAVOedge that I reviewed and that is really my unbiased opinion. It is the coolest looking, the most durable and I think gives the best over all protection. It is also slim and light.

Hope that helps... links to all of these except the Cole Haan are in my review...
linked above.

message 4: by Piewacket (new)

Piewacket (cuechick) | 7 comments p.s. If you prefer reading coverless, there are also some good sleeve options, I would never carry around my K with out some sort of protection. borsa bella makes some very pretty & affordable ones,

message 5: by Connie (new)

Connie | 15 comments Cuechick - Those are beautiful.

JR - At this point, I've had an Oberon and M-Edge for K1, an M-Edge w/ hinges for K-2, and now use a Cole Haan w/ hinges for K2. I take my Kindle everywhere and use it on a daily basis. My ideal cover would be the beautiful leather Cole Haan with the added security of the corner pieces and closing flap on the M-Edge. The JAVO Edge looks like it holds the Kindle very securely, but I can't justify another cover purchase after just buying the Cole Haan. :)
I know most people love the Oberon, but I'm not a fan of tooled leather and the rough edges.

message 6: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2009 04:46PM) (new)

Sarah | 43 comments JR - I agree with Cuechick - you definitely want your Kindle covered at all times! I use both a skin and a case. This is the skin I have:

and I really like it. I also use the M-edge case that stands upright like an easel:

with the M-edge LED light that was built for it:

When I'm at home and don't need the light, I ditch the case (it's a little heavy) but I still have the skin to protect it. The skin is thin enough that I can leave it on at all times, even in the case. When I'm out, I always have it in the case - it's solid enough to protect my K, and the easel feature makes it easy to sit at a table and read. The M-edge case is well worth the money, and is very classy looking, too.

message 7: by Gina (new)

Gina (so_vintage87) | 16 comments I also agree on the skin and the case. That is what I do. I have a screen protector too.

message 8: by Phil (last edited Sep 01, 2009 06:31AM) (new)

Phil Palmieri | 2 comments I use this one for my Kindle 1, it was my 3rd case, and absolutely love it. - (the flip style is much better to hold/read IMO)

They seem to have made one for kindle 2, but it looks a bit different.

Tuff-Luv on Amazon:

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