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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
Mr. Obama in 2008: "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

Socialists blank out that wealth has to be created and that every individual has inherent inalienable property rights.

From Royal Serf:

Ian greeted the king and said, “Sir, I have a hundred British pounds in my wallet. If I don’t share it with you, I am not infringing your rights. No one has a right to it except me. A law mandating its disposition is a stick-up. A government could call it taxation or nationalization, but any honest man recognizes its nature: it is legalized armed robbery. Honesty shines light on the fact that as it is a crime for an individual to rob or loot, it is a crime for a government to expropriate the property of any of its citizens.”

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
Other advocates of socialism:

Pope Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth - 2009) and Pope Paul’s Populorum Progressio (On the Development of Peoples - 1967):

The encyclicals blame the PROFIT motive for all the world’s problems, and call for a worldwide REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH by a world government as the solution.

From Reason Reigns: “If a man has the right to a man-made value, the person who is going to provide it is a slave,” Ari reasoned.

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
The Vatican’s assault on capitalism (part 1)
August 5, 2009 by Alex Epstein

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
The Vatican’s assault on capitalism (part 2)
August 6, 2009 by Alex Epstein

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
From Royal Serf:

“Since rights-infringement is unacceptable, the motivation to do good by force is not moral. People who declare that they are motivated by the desire to do good yet advocate coercion or rights-infringement are frauds – they are motivated by power-lust and envy. The individual who has honest motives can be easily spotted: the one who produces and supports producers.

Loathe to admit even to themselves that they survive by looting, the enemies of producers invent causes to ‘do good’. They, too, can be easily identified: they advocate chaining and owning producers. Freedom-loving men survive by producing. Advocates and sanctioners of economic regulations survive by looting.”

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
The topic is an offshoot of the group poll. I used the name included there. The emphasis is in what a citizen chooses to be: a socialist, Reaganite, capitalist...

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Monika (marriedmurder) | 2 comments ugh...he just needs to get out of office already...

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
Sell The Vatican, Feed The World (HD, Official)

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1280 comments Mod
Dr. Yaron Brook (Ayn Rand Institute): “I don’t think Obama is a socialist. I just think Obama hates this country and hates capitalism, and wants to bring about this egalitarian equality -- and that’s... worse than socialism … All they want to do is to chop down the able and to destroy success.”

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