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Elizabeth | 44 comments Mod
Here we will discuss our new BOTM Red Queen at the end Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyardof the month! Happy Reading!

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Johanna | 20 comments I've got this from library! ^_^

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Johanna | 20 comments Now I've read this!

Beginning was good, it was interesting and there were new things. Setting was nicely different! But I think the book was a bit too long because there were quite much "nothing happening" when Mare was living with the Silvers. There was quite much politics/war as well and I got a feeling that I've already read couple similar books. Did you have read similar books earlier? If so, which?

Ending was surprisingly good and it would be nice to know what's going to happen next! There started to be so much different things happening! I liked that Mare and Cal wasn't couple in the end, this was a bit darker story and I liked it :)

I'm glad that I read this, this has been in my TBR and thanks to this group I've now read it ^-^

Elizabeth | 44 comments Mod
Glad you liked it! I agree totally that it’s similar to other books (luckily those books I really loved) it reminded me of the Wrath and The Dawn, The Diabolic,The last Namsara and maybe even more. But I loved every single one so I guess I really like that kind of story. Have you ever read any of these and can you see the correlation?

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Johanna | 20 comments The end was sooo promising!! Who is going to find the other "mutated" first and how? How many are there? What they're going to do? And it was very surprising that Shade was alive!! And it would be nice to see what's going to happen between Mare and Cal :)
I have not read ANY of those you've found similar! I think I found something similar with The Hunger Games (books two and three where was more politics & war) and The Lunar Chronicles.

I liked Mare and she was perfect MC. But if you could pick up somebody else: who would've been a good MC as well?

Elizabeth | 44 comments Mod
I agree I felt so betrayed by Maven because he was my favourite character! But I think cal would be an interesting MC because I’d want to know his thoughts and obviously he knows more about the politics so you’d be able to understand a little better, however I would have said maven and the beginning of the book because his character was soooo good and honestly he’s a great villain!

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Johanna | 20 comments I agree that Mare was probably the best option. The beginning was THRILLING! I enjoyed it soooo much! I have to say that I think Julian would be an interesting MC! There had happened so interesting things in his past :)

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