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post london rp characters here
appearance(absolutely NO pics):
job/ occupation:

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name: Dimitri Riverdare
age: 35
gender: M
appearance(absolutely NO pics): super pale, dark grey eyes, auburn brown, longish hair, middle class 1800s clothes
personality: slightly bipolar, cunning, treacherous, deceptive, tortured, defiant, broken spirited, vengeful
job/ occupation: actor? who knows...
family: unknown
crush: none
other: sent to court by a couple of nuts, for practicing wichcraft (never proven). no one knows what happened after that, but hes back

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Casey k, im going dis rp cause theres like no comments... lolz

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lol, thats cuz i only just started it.. XD

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Casey XD
im busy catching up on comments in a group, in order to become mod so i wont make one till i have 1000 comments. but they let me have an extra topic to spam so i can catch up XD

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wow... XD

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Casey mmmhmmm im at about 550 now

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lol, nice! O.o

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Casey mmhmmm and i stopped for a while lol

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lol!!! XD

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Casey and im starting up again... XD

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Casey mmhmmm

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Casey nine pages done!

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koolio! XD

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Casey yuperz!

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wanna rp or something... me bored...

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Casey cant, gtg rly soon, im dreading school tomarrow

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Casey 300 more comments till 1000! phew!

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Casey like 100!
btw in my topic i was only saying bob the shark over and over again with copy and paste in different posts lol

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i have a rly annoying toy that i named bob the shark

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lol, nice... XD

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Casey name: Phillius
age: 29
gender: F
appearance(absolutely NO pics): tall, wears a hat over her hair that was put into a bun, detective jacket
personality: TBA
job/ occupation: detective (hmmm were going to need one! and idc if women couldnt get jobs in the 'darker days' its not like i care. its too early in the morning for me to care about mah charrie
u know what. im going to make her dress up as a man...)
family: Dead
crush: ...
other: dresses up and pretends to be a man in order to do something with her life other then going to finishing school. its to early to add more

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lol, i think we can have girl detectives not under cover. i had one in the venice rp, and we were cool

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Casey wrote: "name: Phillius
age: 29
gender: F
appearance(absolutely NO pics): tall, wears a hat over her hair that was put into a bun, detective jacket
personality: TBA
job/ occupation: detective (hmmm we..."

oooooooooohhhhhhh dimitri is in TROUBLE! XD

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Casey oh, whatever, i dont wanna change it lol
i guess she wants more respect then ok? hmmm maybe she ran away from her parents in order to not go to finshing school. k? so she has to hide from her parents. ahhhhhhhhhhh me tired.

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lol... i just woke up... and i was up til a little past tewlve last night... *yawn*

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Casey i need to start walking to the bus stop at 7:45 which is like a block away from mah house

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wow... i need to leave for the bus stop at 8:10... its right outside the cul de sac i live in

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Casey what kind of school? (middle, elementry, doubt u go to high...)

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lol, middle

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Casey hmmp. same

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yay! ^^

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 149 comments Name: Elizabeth 'Beth' Green
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown-red hair, dark green eyes, pale skin with sprinkled freckled. Petite. Usually wears a simple skirt with a brown coat. Keeps her hair in a bun.
Job: Journalist
Family: Live in America
Crush: None.
Personality: Smart, fiery, tenacious, loves her job, quick... Has a temper.

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