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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Y/A (Fantasy) book about magical school, a normal boy discovering his powers, and a threat to the 'young majicians' of the world (not harry potter); spoilers.

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message 1: by Aleesha (new)

Aleesha Lenehan | 1 comments This book follows a young boy and his journey through a magical school. I think it was a stand alone, and the cover may have had some kind of depiction of the magical school on it. I think the author was female and I don't exactly remember what year I read it, but it was sometime between 2009 and 2014; but yet again i'm not exactly sure. It was an English book, set in Europe somewhere, but involved many other children from many other countries. It is not the Harry Potter series, but there are definitely a couple parallels. I don't believe I have typed out any major spoilers (just the general plot) But be warned that my description of the plot can be considered a spoiler (don't really know how this works). Anyway, the book goes a little something like this:

The boy is at home in the dead of night, being hunted by some type of creature, and all of a sudden he's saved by this magical guy that shows up and enlists him in a magical school. He may have been described a little like Hagred. He then goes to the school, and starts life there. The school is a large brick building that has a large grassy grounds in front of it. there are pathways to the Avery and training facilities, as well as a washed up pirate ship that has something to do with the lore of the school. I remember these plot points vividly:
- each room within the school is customized to what the children staying in it will like (either according to personality, power, or overall niceness I think). The main character and his friend's room becomes something like a ship, with spiraling wooden staircases, a roof full of stars, porthole windows, and and overall gold/oak/ship vibe.
- They train in an underground facility that tested different abilities with different levels/rooms. There are records of the highest scores within the training, and the boy goes there a lot to train really hard in all the situations. One of the training situations is among a group of his friends in a forest where they are either trying to capture a deer like animal/or running away from one. They do a really good job and i believe set a new record.
- There is a game which test magic and physical ability on a field that's landscape changes drastically, no brooms, and i think it was something like soccer. The boy is really good at it (What a surprise)
- There are a couple of classes like the languages and magic classes we hear about. The students have to use either a translating device/spell to understand their teacher, and the boy doesn't like them but a female classmate/friend does. The magic classes take place in a room with a tree surrounding the sides. I cant remember exactly what happens, but i believe th boy is so good he has to do private lessons.
- Then there is also an Avery for exotic animals, which is kind of like inside newt's briefcase. There are different biomes for all these different animals, and the boy gets a rare and important animal as his "pet". They also go on an excursion at one point that is cut short because of a the same creatures that showed up at the begging of the book i think. The book ends with the boy fighting either the one in charge of the creatures or his main male rival at the school (cant remember) with a knife on the ship. He defeats them with magic and physical power and afterwards the threat to the school is neutralized and everyone is saved.
Some extra plot points are that there is a conflict with the younger main character and some older bullies who are threatened by his potential. The boy is very close with his teachers. And there is a female principle. The school is setup by an organization that spans the globe trying to find, protect, and educate children/teenagers who have certain magic abilities i have forgotten the name of.

Hope that you can help me find this book. Thanks

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay | 8 comments I haven't read them, but I've heard Eva Ibbotson and Diana Wynne Jones both wrote books that could be compared to Harry Potter, at around the same time. If you have a look at their books maybe something will ring a bell?!

message 3: by Jess (new)

Jess (jessmonster) | 3 comments Possibly Midnight for Charlie Bone? I don't remember many plot details, but it was definitely set at a school for magic.

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