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April 2019: History > The Wright Brothers by David McCullough 4 *'s

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MargieD2017 | 259 comments I truly enjoy David McCullough. This is my third book by him and I am never disappointed. His well-researched historic portrayals of key people and events in our short American existence is captured in the written word expertly with wonderful sensitivity to the subject matter and the reader. And, so it is for The Wright Brothers. I learned of the Wright Brothers in school, as we all did, but clearly never had an appreciation of the effort and methods that were needed to reach their 'flying-machine' goal.

While I would have liked to know more about the brothers' and their sister's (didn't know that there was a sister so intricately involved) personal lives the book does not go there. It remains focused on the invention and the efforts around gaining public acceptance that man can truly 'fly'. Their characteristics and mannerisms were well-defined but not why they never married or what their childhoods were like. Even the sister waited until she was 52 to marry. If there was more to be told in these areas, it would appear that the author didn't want the distraction.

message 2: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7118 comments I really like him too. I read The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris last year, and now I search for his books when I go bargain hunting. Thanks for sharing this one, it is one I did not have on my list!

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