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P G | 1 comments Regency with a duke (or earl)? She is a successful writer in secret, with an ill father and 2 younger siblings. For some reason she is staying in his house (governess?) and they get to know each other.
To provide an education for the siblings, her aunt forces her to entrap the duke, which she hates to do.
They are caught alone in a room at a ball, and he is forced to marry her. He moves out andbgoes to live in bis Club immediately after the wedding.
Read it maybe 4 years ago but not sure and it's not in my lists.

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Mai | 1160 comments This novel came up searching "regency" "romance" "secret" "a writer" "aunt" "her younger siblings":
Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love by Christi Caldwell.

From the reviews it sounds just like your book! (one review even mentions him moving out after the wedding to live at a men's club).

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