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City of Thieves
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City of Theives-David benioff

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[GUILLERMO] | 3 comments City of thieves by David Benioff
Reviewed by Guillermo rosas

The city of thieves written by David Benioff is a novel that takes place during World war 2 Soviet Russia. Most of the setting takes place within or around saint Petersburg (Leningrad at the time) in where we follow our protagonist lev, who after looting a fallen Nazi pilot gets thrown in jail where he then meets a Soviet soldier who has been charged for deserting his unit named koyla together in order to save both their lives they need to find one dozen eggs in a city where melted glue as candy is considered a luxury. So together they have to venture out into Nazi occupied land to save both their lives
I thougt this book was quite enjoyable it was very tense at times but it balanced it out well with its sense of humor. The way it went from depicting the real life struggles of the inhabitants of saint Petersburg during that time to reliving it with its sense of humor. I especially like how both the main characters interactant with each other both being foils to each other the dialog between the 2 being the best part of the book. This book also has a way of leading you on thinking the story is going to head into one direction only to completely contradict your thinking, but it does this a little to much for my likening near the end of the book you almost expect it. Although I did have one small gripe with the book id still recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read

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Erika Thorsen | 38 comments Mod
Did reading this book give you a new perspective on how much luxury we take for granted? Did it give you a new appreciation for the toughness people must to have during times or war or other conflict?

Were there any specific antagonists in the book?

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Tushar | 17 comments Is this book based on a true story? This book sounds like it has a movie made after it, if it does which do you like more.

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Dreysen Chritton | 12 comments I've never really been into history but this sounds like an interesting read that i might have to check out. What was your one small gripe

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Will | 10 comments i enjoy learning about history and from your review it sounds like it is full of action and a good book.

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