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Capes Capes Title: Decagon
Part 1 of 3-part series
Light scifi / romance / mystery

My work is in the final stages of editing.
Partial or full reads would be great!

Spanning continents and centuries, Decagon follows the turbulent life of immortal anti-hero Dalia through two timelines, one linear and one counter-linear.
Caught in a war between two ancient immortal castes, Dalia and her clan, known as Decagon, live in the bayous of modern Louisiana. Dalia finds purpose in combat training and finds love with an immortal named Titus. For two hundred years, they remain hidden from their enemy caste, known as the Aion and helmed by the infamous Angel of Death.
Life is kinder than Dalia ever anticipated.
Certainly more than she ever deserved.
Simultaneously, a counter-linear narrative tells the story of the Angel of Death. Three hundred years ago, while still a human girl, she was conditioned to kill by Rourke, leader of the Aion. But one night, without a word, she fled an existence both lavish and violent.
Compelled by an unnamed debt, a stranger named Selah aided her escape from the Aion. Selah led the Angel of Death to Decagon—to the caste of immortals charged with the annihilation of her own.
But Decagon had no clue who she was, and Selah had disappeared, and the Aion still hunted her… On a whim, the Angel of Death concocted a new identity.
She called herself Dalia.
Two hundred years later, Dalia is paralyzed by the woman she pretends to be as Decagon barrels towards confrontation with the Aion. Both linear and counter-linear timelines converge as Dalia is faced with the gravity of her deception and the demands made by Titus, by Rourke, by the stranger named Selah.

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Capes Capes Sara--let me know your email and I'll send it on over :) thanks!

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