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message 1: by Nikita (last edited Apr 23, 2019 01:37PM) (new)

Nikita Unverzagt (abigaildarcy) | 45 comments As I was looking through all the Discussion topics I did not see something like this. I am not sure where I could put this topic either. I thought of putting it in the Recommendation section, but I felt it wasn't me asking or informing of recommendations.

In this discussion topic I was wondering what are your favorite Catholic books. Can be up to 10 books and they can either be of a current list or what you consider your all time list. And if you are anything like me you just list them down and then if someone asks why you answer. (I am a huge list maker, it is actually habit to write lists all the time.)

My favorite books are in the current list variety. I cannot say any of these books have reached the all time favorite, okay maybe one or two. It is not enough of a list if I just put down one or two. And these exclude the Bible and the Catecheism for I find they are always going to be favorites, but essential to our Catholic faith.

My List of Favorite books are: (and not any order/ranking)
1. A Man of the Beatitudes Pier Giorgio Frassati by Luciana Frassati -A Man of the Beatitudes

2. To Heaven with Diana! A Study of Jordan of Saxony and Diana d'Andalo with a Translation of the Letters of Jordan by Gerald Vann -To Heaven with Diana

3. Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two Holy Week From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection by Benedict XVI -Jesus of Nazareth, Part II: Holy Week

4. Early Dominicans Selected Writings by Simon Tugwell -Early Dominicans: Selected Writings

5. Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love by Edward Sri -Who Am I to Judge?: Responding to Relativism

6. Men, Women and the Mystery of Love Practical Insights from John Paul II's Love and Responsibility by Edward Sri -Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from John Paul II's Love and Responsibility

7. Life of Christ by Fulton J. Sheen -Life of Christ

8. Living the Catholic Faith Rediscovering the Basics by Charles J. Chaput -Living the Catholic Faith: Rediscovering the Basics

9. Why Is That in Tradition? by Patrick Madrid -Why is That in Tradition?

10. Humanae Vitae Of Human Life by Pope Paul VI -Humanae Vitae: Of Human Life

If this topic is not allowed please inform me so I can take the topic down. I just wanted to help bring discussions to the group.

message 3: by Nikita (new)

Nikita Unverzagt (abigaildarcy) | 45 comments Manny wrote: "This is a great topic Nikita. Of course it's allowed. It's a great conversation starter. Here are a few of mine:

Catherine of Siena

What Jesus Saw from the Cross



Many of your favorites I have either had planned in the future reading or never heard of them.

"The Quest for Shakespeare" I had heard of it, but did not know it was book. I remember seeing a series on EWTN with this title and the author was the host of the series. I really want to read this book now.

Thank you for sharing your favorites with the group.

God Bless,

message 4: by Manny (last edited Apr 23, 2019 03:24PM) (new)

Manny (virmarl) | 3655 comments Mod
Nikita wrote: "Manny wrote: "This is a great topic Nikita. Of course it's allowed. It's a great conversation starter. Here are a few of mine:

Catherine of Siena

[book:What Jesus Saw from the Cros..."

Yes Joseph Pearce has been on EWTN. The TV series was probably based on his book, which I think conclusively proved that William Shakespeare was Catholic. The book is excellent. As you can see, many of my favorite Catholic books are literary. I have a Masters degree in English literature.

message 5: by Frances (new)

Frances Richardson | 540 comments Hi, Nikita. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful, moving story of your conversion. It’s wonderful that you have joined us. I love your idea of naming our favorite books. I divided mine into two categories, fiction and non-fiction. (Manny, I set The Divine Comedy to one side, in a category all its own.)


The Lord, by Romano Guardini
The Seven Storey Mountain, by Thomas Merton
Jesus: An Experiment in Christology, by Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P.
The Story Of A Soul, by Therese of Lisieux
The Resurrection of the Son of God, By N.T. Wright. (Wright is Anglican, but Catholic theologians, Bishop Robert Barron among them, value his scholarship.)


The Lord Of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene
Silence, by Shusako Endo
Mariette in Ecstasy, by Ron Hansen
The End of the Affair, by Graham Greene

message 6: by Madeleine (new)

Madeleine Myers | 581 comments Mine include Dante, C.S. Lewis and Chesterton, Tolkein, Evelyn Waugh and Louis deWohl, Susako Endo's Silence, anything by Guardini or Henri Nouwen or Mother Teresa, Scott Hahn, Matthew Kelly and Bishop Barron,and three very recent works of fiction by Catholic authors: Taylor Marshall 's Sword and Serpent trilogy (Catholic Book Club read the first one), Jacqueline Brown's apocalyptic series beginning with The Light: What Do You Become When the World Falls Away, and most recently a first novel by a good friend, Mara Campos (pen name), The Mango Murders, which revolves around recent scandals in our clergy.

RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) (alwaydaddygirl) | 5 comments So many good reads to check out.


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