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message 1: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 633 comments You have until the 29th of April to post a story and from the 30th to around the 6th of May, we’ll vote for which one we thought was best!

Please post directly into the topic and not a link. Please don’t use a story previously used in this group. Only one submission per person is allowed.

Your story should be between 300 and 3,500 words long.

REMEMBER! A short story is not merely a scene. It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

This week’s topic is: Brick by Brick

The rules are pretty loose. You could write a story about anything that has to do with the subject/photo but it must relate to the topic somehow.

Most of all have fun!

message 2: by Garrison (new)

Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9027 comments I didn't participate in last week's short story contest, so I'm going to try and make up for it this week. My story will be called "Mass Transit" and it goes like this:

LEAD CHARACTER: Reese Lee, Nervous Traveler

PROMPT CONFORMITY: The St. Bernard bus station is made of old-timey bricks and hasn’t been renovated in decades. It also hasn’t been cleaned very well in decades either.

SYNOPSIS: Reese is waiting patiently at the mass transit station for a St. Bernard bus to take her back to college for the fall quarter. She sits alone in silence trying to study when various colorful, wacky characters invade the station and create awkward experiences for her. Tweekers, arguing couples, angry beggars, ex-cons, conspiracy theorists, elderly MAGAs, they’re all here and Reese is doing her best to stay calm. She at one point considers going back home and forgetting the bus line altogether.

FUN FACT: I used to ride Greyhound Buses to and from college during my days at Western Washington University. The wacky characters are very real.

message 3: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 1727 comments This week’s story was inspired by an episode of the old Australian kids show ‘Round The Twist’, called ‘Little Squirt’. I’ve been re-watching them with my boy who loves them (he just finished all 52 episodes and is now starting them again!) and this prompt reminded me of the show for some reason. The main character, Esben, is named after the main script writer for the show, Esben Storm, and his friend Paul after author Paul Jennings, whose short stories inspired many of the episodes.

Title : Pissing Contest
Author : Edward Davies
Word Count : 448
Rating : PG13 for Crude Content

Esben hated being left out of things, especially at school, and it seemed to happen to him an awful lot. No matter what the other kids were doing, he never seemed to be good enough to join in, let alone actually win at any of their games. Be it sports, or drawing, or just playing and using his imagination, people always thought he just wasn’t good enough. Don’t get me wrong, he had friends, it was just that whenever there was something going on at school that involved any level of skill, he was always left out.

Esben arrived at school one morning to hear a commotion coming from the boys toilets. Worried that it might be a fight or something, he carried on walking by.

“Hey, Esben!”

He turned to see his friend Paul standing by the toilet door. He was beckoning hi mover with his hand.

“You’ve got to come and see this.”

Esben rolled his eyes and trudged back to the toilets, “What is it?” he asked.

Esben was led into the toilets by Paul and what he saw took him by surprise, A couple of the older kids were standing at the urinals, peeing against the wall, and seeing who could pee the highest. It was a pretty good setup, Esben thought to himself, seeing as the toilets had such high walls, and the kids were measuring who the current winner was by seeing who had peed to the highest brick.

“Isn’t it hilarious?” Paul chuckled.

Esben couldn’t believe how childish this all seemed, but if there was one thing he was good at in life it was uriniating.

“I’m going to have a go,” Esben revealed, stepping forward to the urinal.

“You can’t!” Paul tried to stop his friend, but Esben wasn’t listening. He was too busy psyching himself up to pee.

The other children stared at Esben, watching as he approached the urinal and unbuckled his belt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” one of the older boys asked.

Esben turned his head to him, “Watch,” he said with confidence.

Esben took a deep breath, looked down at his hands, and began to pee.

The stream started out slow, but it soon started to edge up the wall. The boys who had been peeing before him laughed at his efforts, but soon their smiles dropped as, brick by brick, Esben’s stream of urine edged closer to the ceiling. Before long it had hit the roof, and was splashing back down on the other kids. They lifted their hands to protect themselves from getting covered in wee, and some of it even landed on Esben, but he didn’t care…

…Finally, he’d won something!

message 4: by Garrison (new)

Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9027 comments Sorry, guys, but I'm not going to be able to participate in the short story contest this week. I've been sleepy all day and even now that I have a modicum of energy, I can't get any writing going without second-guessing myself.

message 5: by C. J., Atm Seeker in the "Lin Kuei" (last edited Apr 30, 2019 10:25PM) (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4214 comments Title: The Corner Game
Author: CJ
Word-count: 1400+ words

Max and Dan decided to play the game during a nice day. It was the perfect Friday. The air was sweet and they were surprised no birds were chirping.

Though Max preferred to stay home Dan was always there to take him places. Always. And this day was no exception.

His favorite thing to do though was to try to scare Max. “And during this game, if you hear a moan you’ve got to run. A demon is coming for you if you don’t do this.”

“Come on, that’s not true.”

“No, it's true. Really!”


So sure Dan shook his head furiously. Then paused. “Oh wait.” He put a finger to his lips. “I think that’s what you do. I forgot though...”

“Great game.” Max spoke with a tone of sarcasm.

“Well if you think you’re such great stuff maybe we can play a game ourselves.”

“The game you forgot about?” Max said with a giggle.

“No. But we have to go to this house just down the street.”

Max dreaded that thought. He knew exactly which place Dan was speaking of and he didn’t like it, though he didn’t want to admit that it scared him a little. They were heading to the abandoned house, an old worn out place that no one went to (probably, he heard, a few crackheads or people who tried to make a temporary home but that was it).

With each reluctant step the duo headed to the spot. They knew the front door was locked and hard to get past so they both without question went around to the other side. Here there was just trees and tall grass, all abandoned and left alone making Max wonder why he had to go here and do this.

“Come on, don’t you have dinner to get or something?” Max decided not to play brave. They were not playing this.

“Nope. Parents aren’t home. Won’t be back till Sunday.”

“Well shoot…” Max felt a cold chill this summer weather day. As they went to one spot Dan spouted, “Let’s get inside. And we’ll see just whose brave and who is chicken--”

“Shut up.”

Dan busted with laughter.

On this side was a wall with a gap just above their heads. They stacked a few old bricks in front of the opening for leverage. Then they both got inside.

It seemed to others a barely interesting sight. As they stood by the wall that looked like it was coming apart brick by brick they saw two plaster walls and one that had that but also a looming wooden door. Dan used to joke that behind that door was nothing but some serial killer with a chainsaw. It made anything they did that day extra exciting Max had to admit!

In that tedious room it seemed like the two always found something nutso for an activity of sorts.

Just then Dan spoke words Max was going to regret.

“Today we’re gonna play The Corner Game.”

“‘Corner Game’? What in the world is that?”

“I’ll tell you but that will make me the speaker. I have to shout what you have to do while you face that wall over there.”

“Oh no. No dern way. Make me the speaker! You’ll try to scare me when my back is turned.”

Max could already picture himself facing away like it was a horror film Dan would reach behind to pounce on him and make him wet his trousers. Like a cruel fake jump-scare.

“This is how it’s played then. Four people are to be at four corners of this room. It has to be abandoned the house that we choose. For some reason it won’t work if other people are around.”

“Um. Okay…?”

“And we have to--”

“But wait. Did you said ‘four people.’ Where are the four?”

“Shoot. I forgot to tell a couple guys to go with us! Oh well…” and Dan shrugged off his mistake.

“Yeah I’m sure nothing bad can happen, right?” Then Max made a cliched moaning ghost noise.

“Good one...”

As he got Max to stare at one corner of the room and Dan at another, they waited for it to begin. Max didn’t want to say aloud but he hoped to goodness he would be there to turn on the light by the door! To yank the chain and everything would be over. Everything would be fine!

Somehow the hole on the one wall was not enough to illuminate the room with light. As soon as the light was off and Dan giggling a bit went to his corner, Max knew they were in for it.

“Okay, after I say this part, I won’t speak for the rest of the game.”

Max stammered. “What?”

“Come on dipstick, remember you wanted to be the speaker?”

“Right, right.” Max was kicking himself now. His mind started reeling.

“Okay, let’s begin…”

Max tried to remember the flood of rules and his body nearly began shaking. He had to remember what to do next after this. What were they again??

“Dan Castor, Dan Castor, Dan Castor!”

His final shouting of his name shook Max a little. After a pause he started.

“Max Feinlen, Max Feinlen…” his throat began to quiver. His mouth nearly choked as soon as he spoke his name the third time, this being the beginning of the game.

“M- M- mmm." Pause. "Max Feinlen.”

Just what was the reason for that. Was the evil spirit supposed to…?

His very being was then startled. It was… so the demon would know their names. He bet.

It had to be! Oh no. Just why did they get into this mess?!!


Dan was knowing though he was facing his corner he was right behind Max facing his way on the other side. Come on! He shouted in his head.

Not being allowed to speak: This was horror alone for Dan!


“Okay. Sorry. 3… 2… 1… we switch clockwise.”

Then they walked each to their right around the room to the next corner. Careful not to look left or right as they did they knew it would end the game early.

“Umm. How do I know you’re okay? Dan. Can you hear me?”

He heard a tapping behind him. Sounding like it was across the room. He was glad it wasn’t right behind him which he was expecting (and ready to give Dan a good slug to the shoulder for being a jerk).

Dan is a good guy though, Max felt. He was always there fighting the bullies that picked on him when Max was too scared to do anything about it. And he would also trade his crappy lunch for whatever Dan’s parents gave him which was in Max’s opinion some top notch stuff.

Max started to wonder just what did he do for the friendship. Did he ever want to hang out in a specific place? Maybe they should get some food and hang out near the convenience store. Something to make Dan not feel so one-sided in their giving-taking relationship. There should be a mutual part of this, Max felt.

They were at the third corner. “3… 2… 1… switch!” And Max again moved his direction.


But Dan couldn’t move. He couldn’t even scream! Something held his mouth closed in the dark. It was a heavy hand but was cold like something in a dream. Soon the darkness was final for him. He felt the room disappear. He felt his eyes strain, hoping fighting to stay. No. It would not let him. He felt his own presence fade.


Max then moved. He headed towards where Dan had been just two spaces away.

“Okay the next one… you ready for it, Dan? Dan? Tap for me. Come on. Let me know you’re there. Hello? Please let me know you’re there. It’s not funny!”

His mind started swimming, thinking what he had to do in this situation. He wanted to scream to get help but who would hear him? They were fairly far from any houses that were currently alive with people. All were probably gone away, going out and having fun away from their little worlds so they didn’t go nuts in front of their tvs for the thousandth times.

“I have to say my name backwards. Or say Dan’s? Do I say Dan’s name backwards??” He was so scared he was asking aloud though he was the speaker. And what if Dan was somehow taken away like the game said. You say a name aloud backwards if that person is gone.

So he said it. “Nell…. Nell-knife ksam. Nell-knife ksam. Come on. Come back now!”


And he got what he wanted. Well kind of anyway.

Something did come back.

And Max as if trying to be saved by the light slowly found the chain. His fingers just passed it, and he slipped then tried to grip again.

While he did this something waited right behind him.

It wasn’t going to scare him, he didn’t have to worry. It wanted to grab him with claw like fingers.

He pulled the chain. And the light crashed to the floor.

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