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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Paranormal Romance series. Heroine is a warrior queen. Hero is a shapeshifter (lion or feline?). Hero is attacked by enemies, heroine rescues him & nurses his injuries in a cave, but doesn't want him to become king.

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message 1: by Chelo (new)

Chelo Cala | 4 comments tbh, i’m not clear on the details. the book is part of a series and i may have mistakenly thought - certain detail was in book 1 when it was really in book 2.

the heroine is the queen of their kingdom and she has a younger sister.

the hero is a shapeshifter (a lion or something feline, i think). at the start of the story the hero gets attacked by enemies and is rescued by the heroine. heroine brings him to a cave and nurses his injury. initially, he doesn’t recognize her as queen.

-the queen is reluctant to pursue their relationship and marry him since that would make him king and she’s afraid he will usurp the throne (she has had a family history of that happening)

-young sister convinces queen that hero is sincere and would never steal the crown. so queen makes the hero her consort(?) and gives him an armband which she leaves on a tree branch(?)

-hero shows up at queen’s quarter or balcony wearing the armband which shows his acceptance. he doesn’t care about the crown he only wants her.

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Chelo Cala | 4 comments bump

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message 4: by Stella❤️ (new)

Stella❤️ 孔凡星 (stella_conway6) | 58 comments Is this YA? And do you have a general time frame around when this book could've come out?

message 5: by Chelo (new)

Chelo Cala | 4 comments wow i finally got a response :))

no, it’s not YA. and i’m sorry but i really have no idea when it came out. but it was part of a series (i think). i’m not helping, am i?

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Kris | 32045 comments Mod
Chelo, I added some plot details to the topic header, so your book might be recognized from that description alone. Many members only read the headers.

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Stella❤️ 孔凡星 (stella_conway6) | 58 comments Do you remember what the cover looked like? Was it more of an “adult fantasy with a romance” or a “fantasy smut/erotica romance”?

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