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message 1: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Connell Wardlaw If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read my new dystopian novel for free. Otherwise it is just $0.99.

Extreme Economic Logic is an abysmal dystopia—it ploughs the depths of human possibility. Yet even under darkness, hope smoulders...

By 2106, almost seventy years have passed since the Glorious Resolution terminated our affluent times of the Public Era. A new kind of society has evolved, where questions are dangerous and secrets are not in short supply.

Cost-Centre Lieutenant Lawrence Aldingford breaches the wrong secret and gets condemned to the brutalitarian alchemy of the Value System. Although he is innocent as charged, he is guilty of the grisly duties of a glory trooper. Even if he escapes from the Value System—and no one ever has—can he escape his own past to rebuild his life?

Elder brother Donald Aldingford is an outstanding barrister. He is counsel to Tom Krossington, the most powerful sovereign of Britain. Then one day he receives a visit from Sarah-Kelly Tathershaw, who claims to be Lawrence’s girlfriend. His life of placid convention disintegrates. A grubby new life as a spy exposes him to atrocities he had never previously even suspected. His loyalty to private land and gold wanes. Sympathy for the public nationalist cause turns old clients into new enemies—dangerous enemies. And one of them is painfully close to home…

Across a backdrop of gathering revolution, a cast of conviction-driven characters is set for a spectacular collision of values.

Sovereigns of the Collapse is a four-part series set across the most disastrous economic collapse of recorded history. Extreme Economic Logic (Book 3) is the gateway to the series; encounter the society in its bleakest times just prior to a revolutionary dawning. For more information on the two prequels and the sequel, visit my website

message 2: by Nicolette (new)

Nicolette Hale | 4 comments Excited to read it, James!

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