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Self Promotions > I'm giving away the first two chapters of my dystopian novel for free. Let me know if you want them.

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With soaring crime rates reaching an epidemic high in America, an island was created, forcing all kids to live and be schooled there until adulthood to be productive members of society.

In the year 2082, Noah Turner lives peacefully among others on the island. But when news of student abuse is revealed, students protest, demanding answers. As the situation worsens, riots happen, and war breaks out between students and the military, sending the island into absolute chaos.

Now Noah and his friends must make it off the island while being pursued by a vicious military, and radicalized students. As they run for their lives, Noah must decide between escaping with his and his friends lives, or find out the truth behind the conflict. But this is no easy task for they are fighting for their lives in the Warzone of 2082.

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