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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Red headed protagonist with a lot of freckles. Historical romance.

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Aymara Cutini | 4 comments I read this book like five years ago, it's actually a lot like the ones that Lisa Kleypas writes, I don't remember much but it's about a girl who's a ginger and has a lot of freckles and it's kind of a spinster. She somehow ends up in a party where everyone's having sex, I think she tries to run away but she ends up with a guy who's like a playboy and she loses her virginity to him. Later she founds out she's pregnant but she doesn't want to force him into a marriage so she doesn't tell him, he finds out eventually and marries her anyway, she thinks it's out of pity but he actually likes her. Sorry if my English isn't the best, this isn't my native language!

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Lobstergirl | 37540 comments Mod
Aymara, please add some plot detail to your header/title. We have thousands of members looking for historical romances and your thread needs to stand out at one glance.

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Lobstergirl | 37540 comments Mod
Aymara is still looking for this and wrote:

"I have no idea when the book was published, or who was the author. I remember is about a girl who's a virgin, she has red hair and a lot of freckles, I remember she says she tried to remove them cause in that time freckles were "ugly" as well as red hair. At the beginning of the book I don't know why she ends up in some weird party where everyone is having sex, and there's even people watching other people have sex. She somehow ends up with some count or something who is obviously a womanizer, they have sex and she ends up pregnant. He asks her to marry him but she says no because she thinks he's doing it out of obligation but he's actually in love with her. I don't remember what happens in the middle"

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Kris | 32083 comments Mod
A guess - Reckless by Anne Stuart?

(Google search - site:www.goodreads.com "historical romance" party orgy pregnant "red haired")

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