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message 1: by Wyatt (new)

Wyatt | 11 comments Some adult books and authors like Clive Cussler or Michael Crichton I could see being in the teen section, minus the sappy trash that certain YA books call romance. Eyes of The Dragon by Stephen King might even qualify as children’s literature, seeing as it is basically a lengthened fairy tale. Most of the adult section is not nearly as gruesome as the stuff that happens in one particular YA series. Am I right or wrong?

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Fletcher (kathrynfletchersquill) | 2 comments It also has to do with the complexity of the plot lines and the complexity of sentence structures within. Generally speaking YA books are not going to have 7 POVs and plot arcs. The sentences are not going to be 57 words long. Generally speaking.

message 3: by Alabaster (new)

Alabaster | 159 comments Yeah I'd have to second that. I think the vast majority of books labeled as "Adult" are there because the plot is too complex for the majority of YA readers, not because of any particular content inclusion. (Of course, many adult books also do include "adult content")

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