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Taylor Cox | 2 comments I remember reading this book sometime in 2010/2011 - pretty sure it was published around that time, or perhaps a few years before. It was about a teenage girl whose younger cousin stays with her family for the summer. Right off the bat, she grows irritated by him and his unwavering positivity/whimsical personality. Can't remember too many details, but he ends up going missing, and she has to find the person responsible for his disappearance. I vaguely remember the cover having yellow accents and an image of an adolescent boy.

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Taylor Cox | 2 comments SPOILER

Upon discovering fishing line in her boyfriend's bedroom, the girl comes to the conclusion he's the one who kidnapped/killed her cousin. I believe they find him in a body of water in their neighborhood.

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Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
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Cecilia | 1 comments PLOT DETAILS & SPOILERS
I am looking for the same book!!
I think I remember the book cover being blue & yellow. She also finds a necklace or something of his under her boyfriends bed. Then once hes charged, her boyfriend tells her that her cousin had actually given that to him. &an old lady finds his shoe in a lake and that's how they discover his body. I think the cousins name in the book is Louie? I'm not completely sure.

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Rainbowheart | 19035 comments This book is Absolute Brightness.

The cousin's name is Leonard.

Hope OP comes back to check.

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